Tuesday, August 31, 2004

He came back from the dead...Ollie my luuuv. Come to mamma...yeah, I'll take care of you. We can eat pizza at my place...yeah bring your handcuff arrows...*sigh..I really should get out of Numbland..* Posted by Hello

Everything's so greeeeeen

My heart beats faster. I feel like flying among green heart-shaped clouds, and I have a sudden urge to buy a bow and arrows. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I just read the stories of my one and only love Oliver Queen. OLLIE. My last trade I brought from paradisiac Down Under. I knew I had to read it'till the very end, to rejoice in such ways that my pathetic little life here would seem less annoying.
Collecting Green Arrow # 16-21, Green Arrow: The Archer's Quest, by Brian Meltzer and Phil Hester brought me good moments as I'm sure it will be the same for you. What has happend? Ok Ollie died and came back to life (long story, for some other time). So how do you deal with your own resurrection? How do you pick up where you left? Ollie starts a journey down the memory lane, on a mission to recover some artifacts from his past life. Along Roy (Arsenal, former Speedy) he will pick up some of the pieces of his life, not without finding
trouble along the way.This is not a mission to save the world. This is personal.

Along the issues we'll cross paths with characters we love, like Flash (Wally), Jonn, Supes, Oracle, Black Canary, Connor, Green Lantern (Kyle). One great moment is when Ollie finds himself in the JLA Watchtower and Kyle asks him why he always gives him a hard time... after a little discussion, Kyle finally gets that Ollie has no quarrel with him. It's just that for Ollie, it's like "someone showing up at your house on Halloween dressed up as you dead best friend" Wow. The whole trade is filled with those moments and even better ones; when Ollie finds again the old pickup truck which Hal and he drove cross country so many years before; we get to see the gifts both Hal and Barry left for his friend; Ollie staring at his own grave; visiting the Arrowcave with Roy and remembering good old times, now long gone.

Some of you might ask, of all the superheros, of all the stories you might read, Why the hell Ollie should be important in the scheme of things? He doesn't have powers (Yes I know, Batman neither, but Ollie is NOT as skilled as Bats). He uses all kind of silly arrows such as flare,boxing or handcuff arrows! He's too...human.
The truth is that is his humanity what makes him so interesting. His sense of humor, his passion for the fight. And yet, he's SO imperfect that you gotta love him. He is a womanizer, even though he's deep in love with Dinah (Black Canary), which makes you want to kill him sometimes. He's a little immature, running away from responsabilities, such as leaving Connor when he was born. Let's face it; the man sometimes can be a real bastard. Yet you can't prevent from loving him.

Times have changed so much, that it has been reflected in the things we see, read or hear. We cannot have perfect superheros, with perfect little lives, because we would not identify with them. In these stories superheros die. As Ollie points out to Roy "Even Batman is going to die. He refuses to believe it but it's true". Not everyone lives forever. Life whether we like it or not, it's like that. We die and we all make mistakes and have to learn to live with them. But what gives us hope is to see a guy like this, so imperfect, like us, still do some good. Still making a difference. He cries, he bleeds, he laughs just like you and I. Yet he still tries. He still fights. And so in that way, we feel redeemed. Hopeful.
Life's so much easier when you acknowlege your mistakes and keep on living. (I suppose it also becomes in handy having some kind of weapon to use when someone annoying tries to ruin your almost perfect day). I guess the only thing that's left to say is that Ollie is great, even though his imperfections. And so are we. (That goes only to the beautiful, intelligent people that actually read this blog. The rest of the world, on the other hand, are filthy sinners afraid of their supreme and only Master...ME- all of you I hope you choke in your stupidity)
There's only ONE true stupidity! and it all begins and ends here!!! Sinners! you have been warned. Watch out for flying boxing arrows.

Monday, August 30, 2004

It's a plane! It's a bird! no! it's...JESUS!

I always thought if there's a God, HE would probably fly. Well, this guy that played Jesus is about to fly. NOT what I had in mind. According to Mark Millar, one of our beloved comic authors, (and a guy with a LOT of contacts) it seems that Jim Caviezel will be the next Man of Steel.
I 've seen the guy act...but he doesn't seem to me like the hero type of guy. I really hope this info is wrong. Supes is supposed to be cute, athletic and inspire confidence, and this guy...well...let's just say he's not my type. Anyway, whatever happens, I guess at least it's better than watching Ashton Kutcher wearing red boots...
Hope they transfor Caviezel just as they did to Tobey McGuire for Spiderman...we want ABS people! Muscles in tight suits! Make me drool! Yeah baby!

Sorry, boring monday. I swear I'll get a new hobby.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

The Holy TRINITY. (And those Catholic schools thought they were teaching us right. Damn ignorants...) Posted by Hello

In the name of the Bat, the Boyscout and the Babe. Amen.

Saturday afternoon. I wonder what can I do to have fun? Maybe I'll go to a free concert...or a museum...I know! To the beach! Hmm...Oh gosh! I forgot I' m stuck in Numbtown, where everyday twice as boring as the day before! Yipeee!!
So, I try to make my day as painless as possible. What do I really do? I read another good comic, this time it was Superman/Batman/ Wonder Woman: Trinity , by writer/artist Matt Wagner. I'm sorry, I'm going to SPOIL and expose many little beautiful details of this trade (Issues 1, 2 and 3). The hell with it...as if someone is reading this cathartic and illuminating blog. Your loss. :)

Well, let's start with the obvious. The characters. It's always a real pleasure when you read a comic with great, classic icons such as these three guys. And even better when the writer knows how to portray each of their personalities into the story. In my humble opinion, this comic is great because of the details. Trinity is about first times: The first time they meet. The first time Batman sees Wonder Woman's invisible jet and secretly craves for one. The fist time Wonder Woman watches Superman in action and gets moved by his bravery and goodness. The fist time Batman and Superman visit Themyscira and get inspired by it's perfection. The first time they all have to fight the almost invincible Bizarro. The first time they learn to trust each other.

Yeah, there's also a story going on, there's Ra's al Ghul involved, Bizarro, nuclear warheads, evil plans to leave the world in total chaos and an epic battle at Themyscira, but all of this really becomes secondary. You just can't avoid smile when you see Wonder Woman and Batman complain about each other's methods to fight crime. Or when you learn that Clark misses in purpose a train in Metropolis every week to keep up appearances. Or even when something unexpected happens such as Batman running into Aquaman for some brief seconds, miles below at sea.

So I tell you, people. Everything comes down to details. To moments. Little things that define ifit was worth spending an hour or so reading a comic book. Or if we think a little further, maybe small moments such as playing xbox with your very own marshmellow/ wombat man 'till three in the morning, walking down the beach with your significant other or by yourself, enjoying a solitary and silent moment, a family picture day in the city with Omnipotent Puedquito and Mighty Pulgoso as people watch you as if you were a raving lunatic, or freezing to death with your best friend as you seat on the floor, watching the sea on a dark, winter night while you listen to good live music. Yeah... moments are what count in the end... So I can't complain. Whether on "real" life or reading this comic book, in the end, it was good.

Guess these valium flavour ice-cream it's working after all.

Friday, August 27, 2004

That's me pointing a gun at all you filthy sinners that don't read my blog..read godammit read! or...wait...how are you gonna know I'm pointing this gun at you if you don't read my blo....DAAAAAAAMN!!! DIE NUMBTOWN DIE!!! Posted by Hello

I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me!?

Damn good comic oh yes! I just finished reading The Losers first trade, -Ante up-, and hell, I like it. Andy Diggle and Jock created this story about a group of guys that used to work for the CIA, in black ops. This guys saw something really important (we still don't know what) so the CIA decided to terminate them. Their chopper went down in flames, but the Losers were not in it. Now that they have returned from the dead. They are pissed and they have nothing to lose. It's payback time baby!.
This is a great comic about power, espionage, corruption, and the love for the holy trinity: drugs, oil and arms. And yes, the bad guys are the same guys that are supposed to be protecting the American people. At the end of this trade we can read a declaration from a real life guy, Dennis Doyle, a former Chief of C.E.N.T.A.C. and mobile task force operations, D.E.A.: "In my 30-year history in the DEA and related agencies, the major targets of my investigations almost invariably turned out to be working for the CIA" Oh yes...I looooove freedom of speech.

The stories are action packed, and filled with conspiracy. The characters are great, people you wouldn't want to get mad at you, and yet, you'd have a great time with them in a barbacue. And the covers..ooooh the covers....a feast for my eyes!. Ok that's all for now. Go ahead and read Losers. And call me if you know how to join them. Yes, it would save me from these everlasting boring days here at Numbtown.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Y: the last man. Every man's fantasy...or nightmare? hmm I guess after a while it would start to be annoying being asked to kill a spider by almost every woman on earth... Posted by Hello

It's groundhog day!!! Again.

Have you ever seen that movie with Bill Murray, Groundhog day? It's about a guy that re-lives the same day over and over again. Well, this happens in Numbtown. Every day you wake up and it's always the same. And I have to re-live it over and over and over and over again. Why I can't re live a day with pizzas, movies and cute guys? In a more interesting place? I don't now, maybe to re-live one day in the female version of playboy mansion. (me of course being Hugh and cute sixpack guys feeding me with ice cream) ..Oh cruel destiny

I know. I've been complaining a lot. Swear I'll stop....as soon as I GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!! Bartender! Bring a prozac on the rocks!

Ok enough with the whining. Let's continue our divine work of stupidity:
Today I finally got some moments of peace and quiet around here. And what did I do? Read comics of course. (Now, I just remind you that we little people on third world countries don't get comics so easily so whatever review or comment I make about an on-going series might be old news for you. Indulge me.)

One of my favorite series of the last year has been Y: the last man, by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra. Imagine there's a plague that kills all mammals on earth with Y chromosome. Yeah. That includes men. Everyone dies, but one: Yorick Brown (and Ampersand, his monkey...but that's another story) And what happens on earth? well what it would happen of course: total mayhem. Yeah, because we're just some bimbos and our favorite hobby is to shop and talk about what other people's wearing. (although now that I think about it...) Anyway, this guy has a girlfriend living in Australia (oooh beautiful place), and he starts a long, difficult journey to find her. But it's not going to be so easy. There are some women that just would love to make him a sex slave...others that just want to kill him. Because you know, now that there're no men left is the intelligent think to do. What girl wouldn't like to be in an eternal piyama party without men? *sigh*

So the thing get's complicated more and more. The new U.S. president decides that Yorick is the only hope for the human race, so he makes a small detour, now accompanied by agent 355, (a girl that can kick anyone's butt) to find a cloning expert, Dr. Allison Mann. Yadda yadda yadda, a lot of things happen in the way, Israelis want him too, his sister is now a deadly amazon with a
mission to kill him (hey what's family for?), etc etc..
Sounds interesting? well believe me, it is. This is one of those comic books that you just can't
have enough of it. As you read it you really feel part of this chaotic world, and you wonder how
would you react? You start imagining all your male friends gone...all great musicians...no more
Sting..no more Dream Theater..no more Savatage...no more Radiohead...no MICK! Imagine..a world filled with Britneys! *breathe Ms. Misterious, breathe* No more Spielberg...no more Coppola or Tarantino...I could go on and on, but it really would be depressing. (Note: this doesn't mean that there are no talented females out there, but reality is that we're still outnumbered by men)
By the way, have I told you how much I love trades? Y: the last man has currently three books: Unmanned, Cycles, and One small step. All of them are really great (although I have to be honest, I believe the the 2 issues of "Comedy and tragedy" in Cycles are a bit too long and about people I really don't care to know their lives...I want to know what happens to THE MAN, you know!) But overall is a really great freakin comic. I think they even are in talks to make a movie. If they do, hope they do it right, otherwise I really will whave to take my bazooka and exterminate people with extra S chromosomes (yeah stupidity chromosome...we all have it you know)
Gotta run. I feel my S chromosomes starting to multiply like gremlins. This new environment is the responsible. Yes...I'm afraid it's contagious. Join the resistance filthy sinners! We can still survive! Just send your donations to 1800 I HATE IT HERE and you'll recieve one free " glass of water" coupon!
Ok I'll shut up now.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Apocaliptic madness

DAMN IT! Here I am again!. I left Numb Land for nine miserable weeks and sadly I had to return. I was happy to see my friends but then OOOOH CRUEL WORLD! I arrive to my house and I don't have a bed anymore, my whole room it's been used as a storage room.I'm sleeping on the couch! No filthy family member was nice enough to start my car once in a while and now it doesn't work at all! I can't find my stuff. I can't even get a t-shirt without removing dusty buildings of boxes! And my mobile! where the hell is it! I told them to take good care of it!? And then my sister is here! What's the point of getting married, getting out of your house when in the end they ALL KEEP COMING BACK!!! ??
And she's noisy and and annoying and and.. HELL!!! Why can't we chose our own family members!?????*sigh*...As Spider Jerusalem, the great prophet and leader of my tiny world, would say:
(I suppose it also has something to do with the fact that I made a long long trip across the world
and I haven't slept in over 30 hours)
One thing is for sure: If tomorrow I don't find my cat, the great Fluffy Thing, heads WILL roll.
Believe it. Ms. Misterious has spoken.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

So long, and thanks for all the fish

All good things must come to an end. As Hetfield said, Sad, but true. I saw, I ate and I got fat. My heart will remain here in Sydney (along with my money), where all started, where all stupid ideas came alive. Where this magnificent and stupid blog was born. It's time for me. Back to NUMBLAND. Back to the town of the living dead. Back where you got to watch what you say. A place with no kebabs, no sushi trains, no fish and chips, no Yum-cha, no ice-creams on every corner. A soundless place, with no free concerts. A blind place with no comic book stores or decent museums. A shameless place where you have to stand annoying family members. It will be hard, but I will not fall into darkness! HELL NO! I will not be deprived of my liberty of speech! My message will be heard, even louder than before! My words will be sharper! So prepare, low scum of the third world! Ms. Misterious is going back to educate all you little brainless apes!
And so, the liberation begins! Sinners beware!! I'm coming...

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Prophets speak words of truth!

The Onion asked some celebrities, among them Frank Miller, this question: "If you could send one message to the children of the world, what would it be?". Some other person would have said something like..."don't do drugs" or "dream" or any other kind of stupid phrases everyone else says. But NOOOO. Miller message to the kids was this:

Frank Miller. The prophet. I'll follow wherever you go, Oh fearsome leader! Is he right or what? Hey, I have nothing against kids. As long as I don't have to be around them when they cry and scream. What is it with God's great engineering? Why make small tiny people so SO noisy? Wouldn't it be better to give them a volume according their size?Anyway. Thank you Frank for those profound and true words.
All this made me wonder. Imagine Black Canary as a kid. A really small kid. With a really loud
voice. Creepy.
Yeah I know. Gotta get a hobby. Gotta get inspiration. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a new brain.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head...

I love rain. I love the way everything looks cleaner. The smell of wet soil. The people running trying not to get wet. If you look real close, most of the time they are smiling. They're having fun. But this is getting ridiculous. It's the fourth day in a row that rains! But not just like "cute raindrops fallin and making my life shiny" kind of thing. NO. It's a freakin' deluge! I can't go out of the apartment, or I'll get really really and absolutely soaked.
DAMN! I knew I had to pay attention to those voices that told me to build an ark. Wait a minute...Bow SINNERS! You have been chosen! I will take you with me and save you from this apocalipse and that way you will finally call me..Master!!!
Yeah, I know....I gotta build an ark first... small detail.
*Sigh* I really need to find something to do right now. This post was way too high in my stupidity chart.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA!!!!!! Oh...my ...god. Is he looking at me? I think he IS! Is my hair ok? so tell me, what is a man like you doing in a place like this? yes, the green makes your eyes look even better...let's go somewhere else... I feel like we're been watched.. Posted by Hello

Members of the JLU unite! ...wait a second..I see something interesting...and green. Gotta take a closer look... Posted by Hello

Spandex convention every weekend. Bring your cape.

The JLA cartoons (yeah, I'm in cartoon mode, any complaints?) made a small change. Besides the change of name, the Justice League is having more company. JLA started with Superman, Batman, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Hawkgirl, Martian Manhunter, Flash and Wonder Woman. I remember the first time I saw them. I was so happy that someone had finally made a cartoon featuring great superheros,that I could not believe it. But to be honest, even though I enjoyed the episodes, something bothered me. Superman was really weak. He was on the floor half of the time on each episode. That was not the Superman I loved! He's supposed to be superstrong! Indestructable! He can lift buildings, even mountains! And the guy that was on TV seemed like a bad copy. And those cheek bones didn't make him look cute. (hey! THAT'S important too) Anyway, time passed and things got better. And better. And now we have a little extra:
Justice League Unlimited.
This means, basically a LOT of superheros will join this guys on each new episode!
"Initiation" was the first episode of the season, and I almost fell out of the chair when I saw the superheroe "guest star"


MY. GOD. Is he cute or what? Sorry, love the guy. Love the comic books, starting with Kevin Smith's trade"Quiver" (some day I'll write more about that, you won't escape from me!)
Where was I? oh yeah, the episode also features Captain Atom and Supergirl, also with John Stewart with a new and improved look. I liked the episode. A lot. The only complain I have is the music. Please stop those bad keyboard riffs! My ears! My head! It HURTS you inhuman bastards!
Anyway, by the moment it ended, I wanted more. And more. And more. So I saw episode 2: "For the Man who has everything", based on the comic book by the same name, by no one else but your highness ALAN MOORE. And OH YES it ruled! Batman and Wonder Woman arriving to the fortress of solitude with birthday gifts for Superman, only to find him in BIG trouble. Won't say more. See it. Read it.

My only problem with JLU? the opening credits. If you don't want to know what's going to happen in the episode you're about to see, close your eyes. Trust me on this one. Yes, you can open them when the opening credits end.

So, watch JLU. Enjoy all the superheros you'll get to see. And if you are geek enough you can even make bets with your friends to see how many characters you know! Yehaa! Who said us geeks don't know how to have fun?

Gotta go now. People are throwing rocks at me.

THE BATMAN cartoons...soon people..soon. Meanwhile send a pizza to Ms. Misterious (me), your true and only master. I'm hungry. Move sinners move! Posted by Hello

A bat and a priest enter a bar...

OOOOh I love cartoons, don't you? they can be so pure, so unique, so... *sigh* ok I LIKE to see CUTE superheros without shirts. Hey it's not a crime! and it's not my fault! they just make them so damn cute. I was really sad when Batman animated ended. Thank god it's now on dvd! buy them people, buy them! use your capitalist power and enjoy for a change! (you could also invite me to watch them) Anyway I think it is one of the best cartoons ever. Good plots, good animation, great voice performances. Hey, I still can't believe that our Lord and guide Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill, makes the Joker's voice. It's really creepy and beautiful at the same time...ooooh the madness!
Well, those were great times. We had those series. We have movies like the Mask of the Phantasm, Batman and Mr. Freeze- Subzero, and all those great memories of a guy in a cape,
fighting crime in a cursed city, dear Gotham.
But rejoice once again sinners! Batman is coming back. Yeah yeah, I've talked already about the
movie. Yeah yeah, is still one year to go. But...we'll have something else to set the mood:
THE BATMAN cartoon.
Oh yeah more crime fighting. Big Bat kicking puny humans. One more reason to live for. And it's just a couple of weeks away. On september 11, the Bat will rise again.Rumor is that this cartoon is quite different from the last animated series. If it's at least half as good as it's predecesor, I can live with it. At least till they make it better, or Ms. BatMisterious will get mad and will batkick their filthy little bodies.
The Batman is coming... be prepared.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Communication problems? call 1800 I AM YOUR MASTER!

The last couple of days I' ve been with a lot of time in my hands, and so, after discovering a way to save all animals in extinction and make my own time machine, I discovered cuuute fan films. If you are a star wars fan check it out. If you are not a star wars fan...I'll kick your holy butts. Move people! Love star wars! be a geek! I command you!! It is MY WILL!!!

Ahem..just check out this poor, misunderstood wampa ( I totally understand the poor guy)


And for extra information about Dagobah and how the girls are NOT born with a GPS included, check:


See these short films you must...

Monday, August 09, 2004

Hunting season!!!

Keeping with our political mood...I admit it. It brought a smile to my pathetic little life. Check this video. Swear to god is funny. And maybe you can learn the lyrics and sing with me! yehaaa! all together now!!

Aaaand...we also have a educational video game. No one like Mr. T, Fat and unemployed He- man and Hulk Hogan to give us a class about politics. Join them in their fight against evil President B. and ....VOLTRON!!!!
(Honest..it is indeed educational, but fun)


Join me in this rare and unique political aware that I'm living! Tomorrow I might not care anymore! Life is easier when you don't care at all! ....is it? - at least for you that you won't have to read my stupid pseudo political posts! Anyway, you can always pretend you have short term memory...hehe works for me ;)

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."
- George W. Bush, August 5th, 2004.
*Sigh*...no comments. Posted by Hello

Guided tours through hell (Pretzels included)

From the director/producer/writer of Bowling for Columbine and Canadian Bacon, Michael
Moore, comes FAHRENHEIT 911, a documentary about USA, its President and 9 11. For some can be persuassive. For others informative. But surely for most of us it's frightening.

Where can I begin? There are a lot ways to approach this movie. I'll tell you what I saw,
and the influence it had in me. The movie starts with the 2000 elections. They were all waiting for Florida results. FOX and other networks had called Florida for Bush, but suddenly FOX called it for Bush and the other networks followed. Bush had "won". And who made the decision desk at FOX on the election? John Ellis. Bush's first cousin.
The United states of America had a new leader. In what it could have been a semi-happy day, the day George W. Bush was parading into his new home, the white house, thousands of Americans on the streets watched him as they carried signs accusing him of cheating, of not being elected, but selected. Americans were telling him they didn't want him there. They even threw eggs to Bush's limo. They threw EGGS to the PRESIDENT. The guy couldn't even make his traditional walk into the White House.
Are you following this? I didn't knew this. I mean, I admit that long time ago I decided to leave politics behind and stop trying to understand all the lies media and governments told us. And although I wanted to see this movie, it wasn't a priority.But now, that old, rusty political hinges in my mind started to work again.

Now, at this point of the movie, Moore is really starting to get your attention. And then, a Black screen. Nothing to see, just hear. Something big just crashed. You hear shouting. Crying. Confusion. Death. 9 11
We don't see how the planes crash. No, that would be too psychologicly abusive on Moore's behalf. The dark screen with all the sounds from that horrible moments are followed by equally painful images, of all the people crying, searching for their loved ones, looking up and not believing what just happened. All of them probably asking how come all this happened? why the government didn't do anything to stop it? to prevent it? What was Bush doing all this time he's been the President of the USA?
The answer is simple:

On vacations.

According to the Washington Post, in the first eight months before September 11, George W. Bush spent forty- two percent of the time on vacation. 42 percent people. *
(*For all those geeks that have read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and know the answer to
the secrets of the universe, this number will be even MORE alarming)
I always thought that having a president's job was a great thing...you know, a lot of work to be done, the country and your world counting on you. Although very little time to enjoy the money you have. I always thought that at least you worked and then when your presidency was over, you took your vacations and ALL the extra money and compensation for working too hard. But that's just me.

Anyway, let's go back to September 11. On that same day, before the attack took place, Bush was on his way to an elementary school in Florida. He learned about the first crash to the WTC and still decided to go inside and be with the kids. This is a FACT.
Now, maybe I'm wrong and paranoid but I agree with Moore. This is a guy that already knew about a possible terrorist attack on American soil. Hell, there was a security briefing on August 6, 2001 that clearly said: "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.” (Confirmed by 9/11 Commission Report -pp. 260-262). Yes, I know, it was maybe all vague information. You didn't have a date, or a target or method (although I have the slight suspicion that this is one of those Pearl Harbour things that the president already knew about everything that was going to happen- no proofs whatsoever- just my hungy little mind conspiring). But when you are the President aren't you supposed to be vigilant at all times? The WTC had been already a target eight years prior by terrorism. Wouldn't you be at least a little bit cautious? Intrigued?
So the guy went in, said hi to the kids, to the teacher and to the press as if nothing had happened and starts reading "My pet goat". At 9:05 the White House chief of staff, Andrew H. Card Jr., stepped into the classroom and whispered to the President's ear "A second plane hit the other tower, and America's under attack." And what did the great American leader did?

Kept on reading "My pet goat"

Now, I haven't read that story, maybe is a REALLY good one. Maybe I too would have stayed and kept on reading, wanting to know how the story ends, even though my country was under attack. Who are we to judge the guy? Well, in the end Bush was there, reading for SEVEN minutes. Nobody knew what to do. Not his staff, not him.
This my friends make me itchy. A world leader, not responding or even reacting immediately after such news? The leader of one of the most powerful and deadly countries and he just stood there?

Moore also makes insinuations about a Bush connection with the Bin Ladens. He talks about Bush's family companies, a story about oil, money and connections. Although most of this information maybe cannot be corroborated hundred percent, we do have this as a FACT:
The days after the terrorist attacks, all commercial and private flights were cancelled. Air traffic was to be ceased. But still, 142 Saudis, including 24 members of the bin Laden family, were allowed to leave the country after September 13. All this confirmed by the 9/11 Commission Report (p. 556). It is a FACT that White House former counterterrorism chief Richard Clarke approved these flights, also confirmed by 9/11 Commission Report (p. 329)
Why would any government in their sensible minds let possible suspects flee out of the country?

Anyway, connections between Bush, the Bin Ladens and other companies are made. Moore talks about money, contracts, not very pleasent people and wonders about how is all connected. In all is a very interesting idea he approaches. But of course, some of those ideas, are not yet FACTS.

Other thing that caught my attention was the PATRIOT ACT. On October 26, 2001, just six weeks after the devastation on September 11, Congress passed the USA Patriot Act. And no, the members of the Congress DIDN'T read it before they signed it. I wonder if I can make them sign a check for me without reading it too. Anyway, PATRIOT is an acronym for "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism",
Translation: If they think you are the bad guy, they are allowed to do anything they want.
The FBI is allowed to monitor everything from e- mai, tapping phones, breaking into you
house or office, check medical records, access financial records, private conversations with
your lawyers and everything that was once private information. All this without probable
cause. They just CAN do it.This also includes "domestic terrorism". It reminded me back to the fifties, when everyone who said anything out of line was an anti-american and a communist. Those were dark days, weren't they? I wasn't even born yet, I admit it, maybe I'm wrong. I don't now, the whole idea that you have to watch who do you talk to, and what do you say to that person is annoying. Tell me if I'm wrong but, don't americans talk a lot about being a "free, democratic country"? I agree that it has to help a lot the FBI, the CIA and Secret Service, not having to do all that paperwork to get a warrant everytime they want to investigate something or someone. But still... how thin is the line of things you will do, or people you'll step on defending your country?
And that reminds me another little detail that Moore talks us about. That little thingy called WAR. After 9 11 someone has to be blamed. There had to be blood. An eye for an eye. So he bombed Iraq. Was that war necessary? Honest? How many wars can presidents send their people to war, not to defend their freedom, but for the president's and other powerful people's private agenda, and get away with it?
I wish sometimes we could see far from our noses and look around and do something about it.
There's a great scene, almost at the end of the documentary, when Moore chases, -ahem- sorry, tries to convince members of Congress, so they enlist their sons to the war.Of course no one did. Out of the 535 members of Congress, only one had an enlisted son in Iraq. Is that fact telling us something?

There's so much more to talk about, but basically after watching this documentary, you know what Moore thinks about Bush. I even know better how I feel about Bush. I agree, maybe the guy has done good things and all, but basically this movie portrays him as an incompetent president, careless about the people of his country or for that matter, other countries. War affects everyone. Losses on both sides have changed the lives of thousands. And why the hell should I care about all this if I not american? well, to start with I live next to USA. Everything that happens in one of the most powerful countries in the world affects me. Remember IIWW? It all might come to you sooner or later. And we better start caring. We better start doing something. Now. The best way we can. As Rage Against the Machine said -It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. What better place than here. What better time than now.

We could go on and on. Moore makes conjunctions. He gathers information. He thinks and he makes conclusions. It's HIS perspective on things. And the idea of this movie is not that you believe the same things Moore believe's in. I believe is his way to say -open your eyes-. Inform yourselves and get that old machinery inside your mind moving. Don't believe everything that you see, or that you read, or that you hear. Who knows? maybe this guy is completely insane, lying with his documentary; and maybe I'm just saying nonsense and playing with your minds. But you know what? We ARE thinking. And that's a start.

Friday, August 06, 2004

A green guy has been saved! Praaise the Looord!

WHOOOOHOOOOO!!! Jack Black will NOT be Green Lantern. God is good sometimes. Well, I guess we won't hear him say: In brightest day, in blackest night, no sandwich shall escape my sight!
We can rest now.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Chicks dig cars

It moooooves!! Check this batmovile footage from a geek in Chicago!


Black and white memories are now in color

Saw Schindler's List two nights ago. After more than ten years I finally built up courage to see it again. Sorry, is one of those movies you just have to see at least once in your life. And hopefully, every person that sees it will realize how we cannot let this happen again. Yet it still happens. Every day. People are judged, discriminated, out of race, religion, creed or just looks. We are so insignificant, human beings. So fragile. We give so many things for granted, like the ability to eat everytime we want, being with the people that you love. Being able to go wherever you like. We give for granted PEACE. Life's unpredictable my friends. And short. Of that I complain a lot. Why would God want us to live so limited lives? He has a sense of humor, that I know (as Kevin Smith pointed out in Dogma, just look at the platypus). But to be honest, sometimes I don't like God's sense of humor. Short, limited, fragile lives...hmmm. Exciting maybe, but not funny. At all.

Anyway, excellent movie in every sense. Direction, performances, cinematography, music, screenplay. Everything. I'm not going to make a review. You have seen this movie. If not, rent it right now. In the end just ask yourselves how it made you feel. If it made you think about the world, about your actions, how we cannot let this happen again. If it made you realize how some of your problems are insignificant, and that the only thing that matters is that you are alive. That you get to live another day. That you are free. If it made you feel and think all this, then you'll know this movie's objective has been reached. And that your time has not been wasted.

And yes, you can stand up against my boring, corny and useless post. It is your right. But today, YOU cannot stop me!! I AM MS. CORNY!!!!. Long live freedom of speech!