Tuesday, September 28, 2004

-Before you die there is something you should know about us, Lone Star

- I am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.
- What's that make us?
- Absolutely nothing!

He he he
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Prepare ship for ludicrous speed!

Dark Helmet! Princess Vespa! Lone Star! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, SPACEBALLS 2 is coming! When? According to Yogurt himself (Mel Brooks) "Best case scenario : a week before the new Star Wars opens. Worst Case Scenario : a year after the new Star Wars opens." Mel Brooks will return as Yogurt, but I have no idea if the rest of the original cast will be included. We'll have to wait :)
Ok I really hate to do this, but just in case you are too young, or you lived in a desert island or...something. Spaceballs is basically a Star Wars parody. That's it. That's all you need to know. Now go on, be happy and ...
May the schwartz be with you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 24, 2004

Wisdom words to go. French fries not included.

Yes, I admit it, it's my drummer mode week. This is the master of masters, Neil Peart, from Rush. As I said a couple of posts earlier, he's not only a superb drummer, but also writes excellent lyrics. This small fragment it's my mantra today: Posted by Hello

You can fight
Without ever winning
But never ever win
Without a fight
Resist -(Test for Echo)

I'm really starting to believe there are secret messages hidden in music. We just have to learn where to look.
And yes! I admit it dammit! He's cute....Sue me. I dig classy rockstars.

Mike Portnoy, Dream Theater's drummer. Gotta hear him play. Yeah. That's an order. Posted by Hello

Thursday, September 23, 2004

When Dream and YES unite

Although Numbtown is still killing the best of me, there are sometimes life seems more bearable. Last night my eyes, my ears and my soul were filled with virtuosism, with great
music and a pretty good show. In what it seems to have been a very short North American
summer tour together, YES and Dream Theater offered their very last show of their tour here in Monterrey, Mexico, the cradle of cabrito (which I hate), terrible, ever changing wheather and pretencious way of living.
Yeah yeah, I'm still in denial, I miss Sydney, what can I say?

Well, the concert started at 8:03 pm, and there they were: My heroes. The gods. Dream
Theater. I admit I'm an addict to their music since 1992, when I first heard their album,
Images and Words. I was appalled by their catching riffs and aggressive rhythms. Their lyrics told me exactly what I needed to hear at the moment, and the songs showed me how a virtuoso musician can also find the way to add emotion and feeling to the songs.

One thing before we continue. I'm definitely not an expert in music, concert reviews or however you want to call this. I'm a simple person with simple pleasures, one of them, Dream Theater. So, I offer my apologies to those who are experts in the subject at hand and believe there are better bands. I know that. But having said that I remind you that this is just my humble opinion, if you don't like it ..SO SORRY! But I'm the one with the blog! Damn it! NO one shows respect to Ms. Mysterious! You dirty bastards...
*Ahem* Where were we? Oh yeah, the show.
Lights went out. People shouting. Ms. Mysterious hitting her head against the chair and asking herself why the hell she didn't bought tickets in the front row. Or why the hell she's not a groupie to get access to backstage. And then... the light. They started with a fragment of "Overture" from their album Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, followed by "About to Crash", from the same album. After that is all a blur to me. I only remember having a damn good time, watching the audience being hypnotized by Portnoy, the drum master, Petrucci's precise and brilliant guitar solos, Jordan Ruddess kicking ass on his keyboards. Myung did his job excellently as always, the only problem was that for some stupid reason the only solo he had in the concert (in "learning to live") was omitted, and the sound engineers decided to turn down his bass, making it almost impossible to enjoy.

Yeah I know. I always have something to complain about.

This is the second time I see these guys perform, and really, I believe they should learn to interact with the public. That goes specially for LaBrie. Yeah yeah, he knows how to sing, but hell! Say something else besides hello! I think it would be helpful. Also I wouldn't mind if they played a little with their songs. Make them grow, don't play them EXACTLY as they are on the cd. In my humble opinion I believe THAT is what makes interesting a concert. But that's just me.
Sadly they only played for exactly ONE lousy hour. But man, it was enough for me to sing,
jump, pretend to play air drums, and wanting to jump on stage. Damn rockstars, they do get
all the fun. It really makes you think about your life. He he.
They played at least a song from each of their studio albums (except from When dream and
day unite
and Awake), but my small, sad life was filled with songs like " Stream of consciousness" (from their album Train of thought); "Misunderstood" and "Solitary Shell" (from six degrees of inner turbulence); "The spirit carries on" (from Metropolis pt2: Scenes from a memory); "Trial of tears" (from Falling into Infinity); and "Learning to live" and "Metropolis pt1" (from Images and Words)

I have NO idea in what order they played them. Yeah! Sue me! I'm not a reporter dammit!
And I don't have a good recollection of things! Be grateful I even remembered what I did last night! But the last song (this one I remember), was "Metropolis Pt1". Oh. My. God. Pure , absolute bliss.

So that was it. Dream.. was over and the stage was being prepared for YES. Now, I know what
I'm about to say will probably get me a death warrant or a weekend at a "Kick Ms. Mysterious stupid head" camp. But I declare myself ignorant. I only know like eight songs from YES, yet I admit they are Gods. I know Fragile and Closer to the Edge are classics. Even masterpieces. I know that without these British guys that have like 35 years of career, progressive rock would not be what it is today. I know that all of them , Anderson, Squire, White and Howe look like your average grandfather, but they all (specially Howe on guitars) can play like if their life depended on it (leavin us bleeding on the ground, dying from disgrace for ever thinking these old guys can't play anymore).
By the way, something I loved from YES is that they really take the time to bond with their audience. They joke, they talk and even play a little with their songs. And yes, Jon Anderson is so positive, always saying things such as "Life is beautiful", "All you need is love" yadda yadda yadda that at times I felt I was watching Barney (you know, purple annoying dinosaur) singing I love you, you love me lalala....Ok. I admit my blasphemy. It's late. I beg for forgiveness.
Anyway, check their official sites (not Barney's):

Ok, enough has been said. Let us rest now. Take out your favorite CD's, order a pizza and
choose you favorite capital sins. I recommend gluttony and sloth... (sure I would love LUST
but SOMEONE is SOMEWHERE far far away!) *sigh* Bring on the pizzas dammit..

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Something for the pain, something for the blues.

After my beautiful eyes sadly watched those awful images of the upcoming movie Fantastic Four, I decided to make my life a little less miserable. The cure today?? RUSH!!! Yeah, I'm in a Rush mode, I've been watching Rush in Rio for the last couple of days and I took out a couple of my old cds.. And ladies and gentlemen in case you don't know or you have forgotten...Neil Peart is a GOD. No only the way he plays drums it's impressive, but the way his lyrics reach to the bottom of your sour heart. This are the lines I picked for you filthy sinners to read today :

If the future's looking dark
We're the ones who have to shine
If there's no one in control
We're the ones who draw the line
Though we live in trying times-
We're the ones who have to try
Though we know that time has wings
We're the ones who have to fly

Rush - Everyday glory

So fly sinners! At least fly as far away as possible from stupidity...hey...wait..no! Don't leave my blog! It's a nice place..I know it's stupid..but... *sigh* I guess it's me again, along Omnipotent Puedquito and Mighty Pulgoso..Alone again. Naturally.

NOOOOO...What did I told you sinners!!!!!??? My...GOD....yeah! Don't listen to me! Don't listen to Ms. Mysterious words of wisdom! Stop doing this movie Look at these pictures! You're walking towards the dark side! Run Run!!!! *dammit* Posted by Hello

NO Posted by Hello

NO Posted by Hello

Monday, September 20, 2004

Soon your life will be INCREDIBLE

45 days...04 hours 28 minutes 10 seconds (give or take- sue me...I'm terrible with numbers)
It's getting closer to the day we'll get to see Pixar's new movie THE INCREDIBLES....oh yeah... A semi retired super- hero family...Explosions...Powers... Bad guys... Weight issues ... Stupid and funny moments. Is there something more in life? Featuring the voices of Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sam Jackson, Jason Lee and more. Definitely will become one those movies you cannot live without (at least us geeks of the underworld). Check the newest trailer!


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See what I mean with red skies and green sea? No, I was not under the influence of some drug...although I'm starting to think the colorists in this cartoon were...hmm...way to go guys!!!! Everything in the name of art...hehe. (Ok ok just kidding- don't want anyone sueing- yet) Posted by Hello

The perfect combination...a cake and sexy Bruce.. Yeah, stills from The Batman, episode 1- The Bat in the Belfry.  Posted by Hello

The bat returns! Amen.

October! He said his birthday it's in October!! And he eats cereal!! I knew we had things in commmon. :) Ok people, The Batman cartoon. I must admit, it entertained me. After years of watching an older Bruce Wayne, with certain kind of animation, with certain voices (Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, etc) I thought it would be virtually impossible to like this new cartoon.
Thank god I was wrong.
From the moment this guy, this UBERGOD, emerges from the shadows to get the bad guys, and I listened to that misterious voice pronouncing the words...those sacred words:
"I'm the Batman" ...well, that was enough for me.
The way he moves, the way he fights, everything looks ...fresh. He's younger, faster andsmoother. He seems to enjoy more than ever all the bat gadgets, the batcave and the batmovile. (Oh the batmobile...Yes. Chics dig cars. )
The relationship with Alfred it's what I liked the most. Alfred is, as always, his mentor, his guide, his partner in his quest for justice. And I love the idea that they celebrate with a cake his third year as Batman. Cute.

And who was the villian in this episode? No other than Mr. J!!! Yes, the Joker. Hey, he deservesit. He's the meanest son of a &@%#*$"!! we'll ever get to know. He too looks younger, and very much athletic than before. At times it was like watching Cirque du Soleil..the guy was an acrobat, dancing in those red skies and above the green sea. And yes, he's more creepy than ever.

One thing bothers me a little though. I wasn't able to see the darkness in Bruce. We all agree that by this time Bruce was already a tortured soul, yet in this episode sometimes I sense him too..peaceful. I don't know, maybe I got the wrong impression, but it made me wonder if we're ever going to see that dark side of Bruce, of Batman, in this cartoon.

Overall I got no complains. Keep it coming! The Batman it's a cool cartoon. Let's give it time to grow. I have hope that in time, it'll become great.

Friday, September 17, 2004

With a little help from my friends

"We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight!" We're going to live on! We're going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!
- Independence day (1994)

Yeah, today's our Independence day here in Mexico. This is the day we celebrate the fact that we don't go to work and that we can drink tequila and beer all night long. But Oh! Not me. Yesterday morning, my friends and I decided to let our wild instincts rule, (No, sadly not THAT kind of wild instincts). We decided to go into the nature and prove ourselves worthy before the gods of earth. We were on a mission: to survive adversity, to become once again warriors, and most important of all, to eat smores.
Great things came out of this trip. Besides having a great time exploring, swimming in the river, climbing walls like spiderman (only without the powers), getting a sexy tan, having a near death experience by the cliff, and sleeping in the rain, I rediscovered my friends. You know, they never cease to amaze me. It's in these kind of situations, when your life is on the line, when you realize you're surrounded by heros. Yeah, they're always there, but somehow in the rush of everyday life, you forget to look. I don't know, I guess this is my way to say thanks to my true friends (you know who you are, dammit) for the inspiration, for never giving up, for caring and not letting me drown or fall into a cliff, for making me feel...at home.
So, sinners! Look around you. You might find interesting who's next to you, and if you don't, get the hell away as soon as possible and find some true friends. Someone you admire. The kind that even though they realize you're NOT perfect, they stick around and help you along the way. And yes...the kind that teach you how to make a decent smore.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Faster than a speeding bullet

Forget it, I know already: Season five, episode 25, disc 7. Damn I'm fast...
I just realized today I'm in my trekie mode. No people! I'm not a pale lonely virgin! Damn you people and your stereotypes... You sinners think trekies are some kind of gullible freaks! I have a very weak condition! I suffer from a massive somatophysical failure, after a nucleonic beam from the Kataan probe penetrated my house shield and my crew had to beam me out and...
*Okey dokey, time to get my medicines...*

Thank you Mr. Crusher!!!

People people! Rejoice!!! After ten years or so I finally know the name of my favorite Star
Trek: The next generation
episode!! And thanks to Wil Wheaton's blog. The episode's name is The Inner Light. It's the one where Picard lives an entire life in another planet (you know, wife, kids, learns to play one intergalactic instrument), after an alien light hits him.
BUT, the cool thing is that Picard is only unconscious for a few minutes on the Enterprise. I have no idea from what ST season is this, but if there's someone outhere listening (besides
Omnipotent Puedquito and Mighty Pulgoso), and knows, please iluminate me!! Yeah I know, I could search on the net...but today I'm busy blowing my nose and dealing with my allergies.

It's the end of the world as we know it.

THE END IS NEAR!!!! WILLIAM SHATNER WINS AN EMMY!!!! Sorry...I like Star Trek and I think Shatner is cool, but you gotta admit IT IS kind of funny that he receives an award for ACTING. Hey, who knows? maybe next year I'll win best polka dancer!! Hehe...

Sunday, September 12, 2004

My name is Charming. Prince Charming.

....I can't believe I'm even gonna take my time to write this. *sigh*...ok, once again there's a new BOND. Ok, it's still a rumor, with no official confirmation from MGM/Eon sources. According to The Sunday Mirror, Dougray Scott is now on top of the list to become the seventh actor to play my perpetual love, agent 007. Yeah, Scott was the bad guy in Mission: Impossible 2, and the prince in Ever After (Cinderella, Drew Barrymore, remember?).I'm just going to ask one little tiny thing. If there's anybody out there listening...
GOD!You know who would be a great Bond? Colin Salmon. Yeah, the guy that has been M's Chief of Staff in the last four Bond movies. Wake up! he is sexy, classy, tall and british.Ok, I'll leave you now, so you can prepare your next strike against me. Yeah! give Ms. Mysterious a heart attack! Next thing I'll hear is that Ashton Kutcher will be Bond! AAARRGGGHHH!!!!! Blasphemers! Sinners! all of you!!

Saturday, September 11, 2004

A younger version of the Endless drawn by Jill Thompson, from The Sandman created by Neil Gaiman...Ooh happy moments! Posted by Hello

My happy place...My happy place... My happy place...

Ok news news...at last something that caught mi attention. Where to start? Ok...once upon a time there was a guy that had a way with words. His mind and imagination reached beautiful, enchanting places, and he decided that his mission would be to tell the things he saw inside his mind. He invited us to different realms, and presented us to their rulers. We met seven siblings: DREAM, DESPAIR, DESTRUCTION, DESIRE, DELIRIUM, DEATH and DESTINY. The guy's name is NEIL GAIMAN. And yes, he too is one of the rulers of one of
my favorite realms: Imagination. Last decade he brought new dreams and nightmares to our lives, with his ten volumes of THE SANDMAN. Graphic novels that mark an important moment in the history of graphic novels and literature. With a mix of fantasy, mythology, legend, fiction, and dark dreams, he made our world change. I dare to ask who has finished reading The Sandman and has not felt lost, not knowing if you'll ever have the opportunity to read stories so inventive, so rich, so powerful. Years have passed and thank god, great
writers have made us feel whole again, great gods among mortals with the same mission Gaiman had years before, to present us with different worlds, to let us inside their sometimes twisted masterminds and make us believe. Guys like Alan Moore, Brian Michael Bendis, Warren Ellis. We salute you.
But this will not be a review about The Sandman. I'm not ready yet. There are so many things to say about it that it makes me tremble. Some other day, some other time, I'll be prepare and I'll do justice to the series. Not today. Today I just wanted to give happy news.
Gaiman had life after The Sandman, and he has written great stories, such as Neverwhere, (one of my favorite books) Smoke and Mirrors, The Sandman: Endless Nights and Coraline.
CORALINE is Gaiman's first novel for all ages. Yeah, an 8 year old kid can read it, but that doesn't mean that you will not want to leave the lights on when you go to bed. It is frightening, disturbing and dark. The story is about a girl named (guess guess!!!) Coraline (your deductive skills never cease to amaze Ms. Mysterious) that moves with her parents to a new flat. Everything gets complicated when she unlocks a door to find a passage to another flat , in another house just like her own. It even has another set of parents, just like hers, that want her to stay on that place forever. But as usual, no everything is as easy and as
beautiful as it seems. This is an exciting and imaginative novel, and yes! the reason I'm telling you this (besides trying to hypnotize you with my wisdom and words, and make you send me a free pizza to my home) is that there are probabilities that Coraline will be turned into a film. The idea is to make a stop- motion version, made by Henry Selick,the same guy that made TIM BURTON'S THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, (love that movie- love the songs- miss Sandy Claws).
So yeah, that was all. That was the big news. Sorry, there's so much to say about Gaiman, about his books, his stories. Let's just say I'm getting you warmed up for the day I really start talking about The Sandman.
In the meantime if you haven't read anything about this guy go buy something. Please. I strongly recommend The Sandman series (obviously), or if you are poor like me (or even if you're rich!) buy the novel Neverwhere. I admit it..they're my favorites. And Smoke and Mirrors....and The day I swapped my dad for two goldfish..and The wolves in the
...and...YEAH YEAH I like a lot of things! So sue me dammit!!! And Neil, don't worry. If your sales go up because of me, just invite me a coffee and teach me how to write :).

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Is it me, or is it getting warm? Luv luv luuv!! Sinners! Learn from life, love and pigs in JLU episode "This little piggy".Watch it!! I command thee!!! Posted by Hello


Bats, Bats, Oh my dear tormented love!!! This has been a perfect day for you and I. First of all I finally saw JLU Episode 4 "Hawk and Dove" (sorry, I didn't like it - no Bats, no Supes, No Flash, No GL...... I refuse to even talk about it) and Episode 5: "This little piggy". Now THIS was fun. Bats and Wonder Woman having one of those uncomfortable conversations about love and relationships and dating (It's funny how Bruce points out that he cannot afford to have a girlfriend because his enemies would get to him by harming the one's close to him. Yeah, imagine someone trying abuse of poor weak Diana...hehe). Wonder Woman turned into a .. Wonder Pig? Red Tornado, Elongated Man and Zatanna, helping Bruce find Diana? And Bruce!Dear Bruce showing his ...ahm...artistic side. Gotta admit, this episode was fun from beginning to end. Even Omnipotent Puedquito was happy too! There were lots and lots of piggys! (and I'm afraid to report that he's currently in love with Wonder Piggy...He'll get over it soon) Yes people! Good cartoons are still made! Long live JLU !!!!!

Talking about good things in life....Rejoice! At last we have the first images of the upcoming cartoon of THE BATMAN, that premiers Saturday, September 11 (on Kids' WB). The series take place in year three, with a younger Bruce (in his mid twenties), taking his first steps as the Dark Knight. He will face for the very first time villians we have come to love and fear. Watch the clip, and see who will be the first creepy villian to be kicked by Bats.


Oh yes..life is good sometimes. One extra info to make you happier: The Edge (U2) composed and performs the theme song. Go on, be happy. There's still hope in this world. I must go now. Omnipotent Puedquito (kidnapped and saved today, by the way) wants to use the computer to write a poem for Wonder Piggy. Oh luv is all around!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Yeah. Kill the messenger.

Remember what I said in my last post about forgetting about another post I published before?
Something about Superman?? The new movie? And the guy that was going to play the part? Well...forget that post too. Yeah, it's a mess. Just as my life is. Hehe. Well, filthy sinners this is
what happened. Mark Millar said Jesus will play Supes. Harry Knowles (Aint It Cool News) said that no way. Mark shot back (read it by yourselves...I'm starting to feel like a bloody messenger):

"...just to hammer home how confident I am as regards my source (pretty much as good as it gets), I will personally write a cheque to charity for 1000 dollars from my Wolverine royalties (Wolverine 20 and 21 out October 2004) if Jim Caviezel isn't cast as Superman on the day principal photography starts..."

So it's war. Let the best man win. And yeah! you should send ME a 1000 dollars! I can become your favorite charity! Do you think I have nothing else to do besides quoting you guys and following your own little private war??
Hmm. Now that I think about it, I REALLY don't have anything interesting to do here in Numbtown. So Praise the Lord! Let the games begin!

Oh I loove useless hobbies...

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Jesus is NOT wearing the red cape!

The son of God will NOT be Superman!...Remember what I said about Jim Caviezel starring in the up coming Superman movie? Well, forget it. Not true. According to Harry (www.aint-it-cool-news.com), Caviezel is not involved in the project. Never was. So, erase from your minds what I said before...I command thee!!! Damn people is so gullible nowadays... hehe