Sunday, October 31, 2004

1602, art by Andy Kubert and Richard Isanove. I have no words to describe this. I'll just say it really made an impression on me. It's just... beautiful. Posted by Hello

1602 marshmallows

Omnia mutantut, nos et mutamur in illis

Everything changes and we change with it. These are words from Neil Gaiman's and Andy Kubert's comic, 1602.
What happens when our beloved Marvel heroes, such as Spiderman, Daredevil, Captain America, Hulk, the X-Men, Nick Fury, Dr. Strange, and the FF instead of originating in 20th century America, existed in a 17th century England?
Gaiman change our vision of Marvel Universe in these absolutely ingenious comic series. An accurate historical setting of Queen Elizabeth's reign combined with the appearance of men and women with superhuman powers and the mystery surrounding a strange weather that
could lead to the end of the world, makes this comic and absolute bliss to read.

1602 is filled with fantasy, intrigue, mystery and action. But things do not end here. Gaiman also finds the time to explore religion and how it can misguide and repress people; he questions how much should someone compromise their principles in order to adapt to a new world? ; Is it ok to make a deal with evil in order to achieve a greater good? What happened with the America that started out as a place of democracy, where anyone, no matter how different could live safe. In
For me, one of the greatest characters of all time is Charles Xavier ( or as Gaiman would write "Carlos Javier"). He's a man with vision. With a dream. He has the power to conquer, to destroy, but he uses it to defend, to build. Xavier might be part of a comic book, and his dreams
involve mutants. But the truth is that his message goes beyond that. We are talking about real world now, kids. About tolerance. About respect. About finding a New World, an America (an by that I don't intend it to be a continent or a specific place) where we can begin to act as civilized people and stop killing each other. Stop killing with actions. With words. With hate.

So, sue me. I got into this annoying idealistic mood. And yes, I loved every bit of 1602. You can just love it by the look of it, by the art, the beautiful dance of colors and images. Or the story might take you to a parallel universe where superheros inhabited earth. Or you might
combine all of this and besides having a great time living a great adventure, you can also meditate about what everyone's country should be. And when you start thinking that the world is just as it is and that you cannot do anything about it, just remember what our smart Dr.
Arroway said in the movie Contact:

The world is what we make of it.

Everything did change. We didn't had another Sandman, (and as Gaiman points out that's good because he didn't intended it to be) Instead we have a great, intelligent vision of the Marvel Universe and of our own world. Thank you Neil. Now go on sinners, go on and meditate what I've said as you eat all the candies you got from Halloween. Bon appetit!

Pumpkins, witches, candies and... more candies.

Happy Halloween!
Ok I have absolutely nothing else to say about Halloween. Just go out there and get as many free candies as you can! Run sinners! Run!

Saturday, October 30, 2004

An Iron man, a Ghost and travel tips

Rob Lowe as Iron man? Don't even think about it! The movie has green light, yet no official announcements have been made about the cast or crew, but production is supposed to start in 2005.

There has to be someone better for the role. Someone classy, yet adventurer. Timothy Dalton would have been perfect a decade ago. Now..I don't know..George Clooney? He's cute as hell and he has Tony's charm. Think of someone else if you want ...But please! Not Rob Lowe.

Another movie that's coming to the big screen is Ghost Rider. Even though no official announcement has been made (what a shocker) but everything points out to Nic Cage as Ghost Rider. The movie will start filming in Melbourne on January 31 2005.

So, are you planning some vacations? Well, I guess Australia is the place to be next year guys! Superman, Ghost Rider...Who knows, maybe some producer will see us and decides to make us movie stars!! I could be Supergirl...Or Lana...Or Mamma Kent! Hell! I don't care if I'm selling The Daily Planet newspaper on the street!! Please! Someone! Hellooo?!!! Have a heart! Posted by Hello

Friday, October 29, 2004

Ms. Mysterious observes and learns

After watching closely the teaser poster for Episode 3, and after debating with Omnipotent Puedco and Mighty Pulgoso, we've reached the verdict. We believe that we want some pizza. Oh, yeah, and about the poster: To be honest, I give points for creativity, and for the boldness of doing something quite different from the typical Star Wars poster. I also like Anakin's face. The scar, the look, everything is starting to take form. After saying this, (and watching the poster a
couple of times more) I totally agree with my marshmallow babe, that the application of the idea is NOT good. It looks like if it had been made by an amateur. Saying this, I admit that even though I would love to erase from my memory most of the scenes and dialogues in Episodes 1 and 2, I still have hope things will improve CONSIDERABLY in ROTS. That Lucas will give us something worthy to remember for years to come. Am I dreaming? Maybe. But somewhere inside his head there has to be some remains of the magic he created 27 years ago. Ok, I'm sleepy. Time to go.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

The official Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of the Sith teaser poster. It looks...interesting. It actually is a lot more creative than I expected. I have to stare at it for a couple of hours to reach a solid conclusion whether I just like it or I love it. Anyway...what do you think filthy sinners??? Posted by Hello

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Choosing my Halloween custome

TADDAAA!!! This is what I'll use next Halloween. Impressive don't you think? Warner made it just for me... Ok ,ok guess you're not buying that. Rejoice once again, sinners! He is all dressed up and ready to kick some criminal butts! I like the custom, although it looks rather uncomfortable. How easy can Bale move with that suit? Is it better than the one Keaton wore? How hot it is? Is it hard to put on? Anyone has any idea? Dear beloved Mr. Bale are you reading my blog? Because I was thinking we can maybe go out for some drinks in your Batmovile...hehe. Ok sinners, have a heart and please allow me to keep on dreaming. It's getting closer sinners!! Batman's second coming is near!!! Posted by Hello

It's mine! My own! My precious!

My honey bunny, Marshmellow man sent me Neil Gaiman's 1602 hardcover!!! WHHEEEEEEE!!!! Oh yes! Oh yes!! (Ms. Mysterious makes her little dance of happiness). Prepare for a review in the near future, sinners! For now I can only tell you the hardcover presentation is beautiful. Classy. I have fell in love with the comic and I haven't even started reading it. So, I leave you now. Duty awaits.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Is Iceman coming to Metropolis?

New rumor (ok maybe not so new) According to Shawn Ashmore (Iceman from X-men movies) might be our Jimmy Olsen. Is this guy cute or what? And he has a twin brother!!! Just imagine the possibilities... Yummy.
Posted by Hello

More about those four guys with blue suits

I read this a couple of minutes ago and I'm starting to feel a little more at ease. There are some quotes in Comics continuum from David Gorder, associate producer of the Fantastic Four movie. "This is a difficult comic to bring to the screen," Gorder said. "If you do the story wrong, it could end up being campy. We wanted to focus in bringing out the humor and the pathos and the bittersweet moments that we all can relate to as human beings" Yadda Yadda Yadda. Check out in this link for some more quotes by Gorder :

So, today, I'm hopeful about this movie (who knows tomorrow) If they're aware of how difficult it can be to make a movie about the FF, and they're doing something about it, such as focusing in the CHARACTERS, their fears, regrets, doubts, dreams and hopes, they're going the right way.
Hey! and by the way one fellow blogger, Rolling Red ( seems to be working in the FF movie...and in a comment she left in my last blog she promises special effects will be great - she's working on them I believe- So if anything goes wrong with
the movie. ...Let's blame her...hehehe. (Just kidding) Good luck!

What can Ben be thinking? Is he depressed because this movie is going to suck? Ok, I don't know that and believe me, I hope I'm wrong. The suit and make up looks improved from the first picture we saw from the FF flick. Let' s hope EVERYTHING else keeps improving.  Posted by Hello

The morning after

Birthday it's over. Thanks to everyone that manage to make me feel special every day of my life (you know who you are sinners!).
My birthday presents: A butterfly knive, nunchakus and the DC Comics Encyclopedia.
Life's good :)

Monday, October 25, 2004

It's not the years, it's the mileage

HEY!! This is my 100 post!!! WHEEE!! (This is SO prophetic). Congratulations Ms. Mysterious for a hundred posts of stupidity!!! (Guess I have to congratulate myself til' I get people to read my blog) Anyway, to the matter at hand.

Twenty-seven years old. I don't know how I feel. It's 1 AM and I'm dying to sleep, but I guess that ranting in my stupid blog is a good way to start my birthday. I guess sometimes I feel really old, (as Indiana Jones said, " it's not the years, it's the mileage"). I feel I've done all I can in my life. That there will be no more surprises. I've made my true friends... I have my hobbies ... Sometimes I feel I'm too old to learn and be good at something new. Sometimes I feel like everything is going down hill. Those kind of days are usually not good, hopeful days for me. I have no idea what am I supposed to think. Anyway, there are some other moments I feel REALLY YOUNG. Still doing stupid things, such as trying to use a skateboard or playing air guitar in front of the mirror. I still enjoy simple things. I love to feel the wind in my face as I ride my bike. I love to get chicken bumps when I listen to a really great song and feel how my soul has just been refueled. I love to read a great comic, and believe in superheros that are watching over us. I love simple afternoons hanging out with my friends and watching cartoons and movies with them as we eat pizza. I love to still have conversations that can last hours about Star Wars and why the hell Yoda and Obi-One disappear when they die and the other jedis don't. There
are so many things I do that I enjoy like it was the first time I discovered them... Like a kid, discovering the world for the first time.

So, the question is...What am I supposed to have accomplished by now? Is there a real structure and order of things that you're supposed to have made by this age? Or is it different with everyone? Am I the only one left behind? Or am I just walking slower down my path, enjoying the view, doing things without a hurry?should I start worrying about more "adult" matters? Getting a nicer car? Start going to bars and talk about how the country is going to hell and the taxes are outrageous? Should I stop wearing baseball caps and watching cartoons? Should I think about getting a new job that I will hate but that will give me enough money to...Whatever?
*Ms. Mysterious thinks...ponders....Asks Mighty Pulgoso and Omnipotent Puedquito.... she reaches to a conclusion*

I will not stop enjoying stupid, simple things just because what's "common and expected" in society! Damn Numbtown! Damn stupid society rules! Damn ahm...Britney Spears! (wanted to say damn once more..sorry)
Oh I feel so relieved. Those plush toys I have are really smart. Long live Pulgoso and Puedquito! Long live their wisdom!
Anyway, I guess this is what happens on every birthday. I start with this beautiful act of denial, of suffering, self infliction, with doubts and questions, and by the end of the day, the people close to me make me love being one year older.
So...I guess I'll tell you later how this day went. Now, I'll go to sleep and dream about all the junk food I'll eat later.

End of transmission.

Oh wait! I have to make a wish! I wish....Someone would read this blog (besides myself and my plush toys). Oh and I wish for harsher punishment for parole violators......
And world peace!!!

Oh yeah...Ms. Mysterious still has her stupid and bad sense of humor. Things are going to be just fine. :)

Sunday, October 24, 2004 honey bunny sent me this. Just remembering one more time that guy that taught us what courage is. Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 21, 2004

What kind of name is Topher?

OK, I'm having this strange and sudden love for Topher Grace. Yeah, the guy that plays Fordman in That 70's show. Don't ask me why. I think the kid has talent, and his making interesting decisions in his career. Or maybe I'm just programming myself to love him in case he gets to be Jimmy Olsen in the upcoming Superman movie. Whatever. Check out the trailer for the movie In good company, feauturing Topher, Dennis Quaid (sexy bastard), and Scarlett Johanson (a true goddess). Basically it's about finding meaning in your life. An interesting topic if you ask me.

And there's this other one called P.S. with (again) Topher Grace, Laura Linney and Gabriel Byrne, about second chances in life. Love. Destiny. Whatever. Chek it out if you are in a corny mood.

Indulge me people! I'm in a strange mood ok?...You heartless sinners..

The Tower of Babel. If you haven't read it, you gotta admit that the cover looks interesting... And yes ladies and gentlemen. Batman IS the ultimate GOD. Long live Bats! Glory Aleluya! Posted by Hello

Fight allergies! Read a comic today!

Superheros day! Superman's day! Yes my friends, after a lot of thinking I realized that my allergies are nothing more than an alien conspiracy to make me weak and unable to use my powers. I'll teach you E.T.!! What to do when you lie in a beautiful Thursday afternoon in your bed? You guessed right! Reading comic books and watching TV shows with cute guys on it!!
Oh, happy life!

Anyway, I'll talk about the TV shows later. Right know I'll share with you the majesty of my not so old JLA trades, TOWER OF BABEL (by Mark Wade, Christopher Priest, Dan Curtis and John Ostrander) and DIVIDED WE FALL (By Mark Wade). Those are damn good comics. I haven't been to much into JLA comics lately, but I've heard that sadly they really really shouldn't be your first option. I wont make any more comments, since I haven't read them. Anyway, I don't know if any of you filthy followers of my stupid blog read "Tower of Babel". This is the one when all JLA is almost killed by Ra's Al Ghul, who stole and used the secret files Batman had of each of them and their weaknesses. Supes, WW, GL, John, Plastic Man and Flash are really really mad with Bats. Hey, not everyday someone gets to have a secret file with painfully ways of taking you out. So Batman is the traitor according to half of the JLA. Not to be trusted. Oh...I love when Bruce gets all...paranoid. And Superman, damn it breaks your heart to watch him so disappointed. His friendship and trust betrayed. (I gotta admit it; I love their relationship.) One of the things I've always loved it's when you get to see the humanity in all of the characters. Their fears, their regrets. Love when it happens, specially with Clark and Bruce. This is a fragment that appears in Divided we Fall. (Bruce talking about Clark) "...When ... I mean, if... The day comes that it has to be used against him (red isotope- more or less like kryptonite). I only hope I don't have to be there to see the effects. I hope I don't have to look him in the eye when it happens."

Ms. Mysterious shivers. Oh yeah! Nothing like a good comic to fight the blues and alien infections. So that's it. These are my picks of the day. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go and have my chicken soup.

It's just one of those days...

Have you ever had one of those days, when you start thinking about your life, and you realize it's not what you thought it would be? This doesn't mean that I'm miserable. No, no, I can't complain. I have good people around me. Good friends. I have a place to eat and sleep. I
have a job, (even though I believe it's minimum wage). I have people that loves me, no matter what. But what about what I've accomplished as individual? There's a Robert DeNiro movie called A Bronx tale. Watch it, it's beautiful. (I'm not going to make a review right now). The thing is, DeNiro's character gives his son an advice, something that has stuck with me for years: There's nothing worst than wasted talent.

Some people just born knowing what they want to do with the rest of their lives...Others take a little bit more time to find out, and others just never get to know what they were good for. For those of you who know what they're supposed to do in their lives, I congratulate you, (and envy you). For the rest of us mortals... Guess there's a lot to discover about ourselves. I just hope not to be too late when I finally realize what I want to do with the rest of my life.
I just remembered something Lennon said: Life is what happens to you, while you're busy making other plans
Today it's one of those days when I realize how fast life's moving. How much time I've wasted. How many things I still need to learn. My talent? (do I even have one?)...Clearly isn't writing...(otherwise people would read this stupid blog) Any idea what can it be?.. (that question was for Mighty Pulgoso..Who clearly chooses not to speak at this moment).. Anyway , I guess I better start moving.
I apologize for so much stupidity... I guess the drugs are finally making effect. Damn allergies.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Ms. Mysterious and her nose: A story of pain and suffering

Current mood: Really really #&&**!!!!#$! ahem... MAD. I' sick again dammit!!!! I don't smoke, I don't drink, my life here in Numbtown is pretty boring. No drugs, no rock n' roll. I have my daily excercise and this is what I get????? A constant relationship with my kleenex tissues and chicken soup?!!! And this is all because the stupid wheater here in Numbtown. One day it's almost freezing and the next day we're in the Sahara. DAMN YOU NUMBTOWN!!! DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!
Anyway, just wanted to share my misery with someone. Thank you for your attention. Now, go on, have some fun. I'll try to be in a better mood tomorrow.

The hills are alive! With the sound of musiiic!

Ok, the question is, is it true Brandon Routh will be Superman? In Bryan Singer's words: "As of today, yes. He's Superman. He has the perfect physicality for the role and will be great."
I trust Singer. He's done a hell of a job with the X-men movies. And you want to know something that makes me believe even more in him?
He will use JOHN WILLIAMS music in the movie.
OH. My. God. The one, and only GOD, John Williams, ladies and gentlemen. Could you imagine a Superman, Indiana Jones, or Star Wars without HIS music?
The man is a genious. The man KNOWS.
Yeap, today is a happy day.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

The new son of Krypton!?

WAAHH! New Superman! New Superman! It seems we finally have a name sinners!

Brandon James Routh

25 years old, appearances in shows such as Will and Grace and Gilmore Girls. And and..That's it! I want pictures! Who's this guy!? I want to see if he can act! He sure looks cute, but can he BE Supes?
Also they've come with the names of Topher Grace for Jimmy Olsen's role and Mischa Barton as Lois.

Sinners, this are difficult times. Keep your fingers crossed. Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Superman for all seasons... Gotta love it. (Yes, that was a COMMAND!) *sigh* Posted by Hello

A comic for all seasons.

It's a beautiful rainy day here at Numbtown, where magic surrounds every living creature and ... Ok. Let me start again. *Ahem* It's a beautiful rainy, cold, day here at Numbtown, and this weather makes me..Happier. And hungrier. I'm already thinking about Christmas and
all the chocolates and delicious thing's I'll eat this year!! Don't deny it sinners! It's the only reason why we like Christmas. We sin easily and without regrets... Oh, life's good sometimes.

Anyway, that's not what I wanted to talk about today. I don't know how many times I've read the trade Superman for all seasons, by Tim Sale and Jeph Loeb, but believe me that every time I read that comic, it's an absolute bliss. I truly believe this is one of the most beautiful
(yeah, that's today's word) interpretations of Superman's humble beginnings as a quiet country boy and his journey becoming a hero.For those who haven't read it PLEASE, do it. Take a chance. You'll love everything, starting with Tim Sale's exquisite art and the simple, yet deep dialogues by Jeph Loeb. Where can I start? From the moment you open the trade you are bound to love it. The first thing you see, are old pictures of Clark as a kid, back in Smallville. Just like a regular family photo album, you get to see the future Man of Steel getting fed by Ma Kent, sleeping with his dog, playing baseball with his dad (imagine how dangerous THAT can be), or hanging out with his friends, Pete and Lana.
The trade is divided in four parts, each of them narrated by important characters in Superman's life: Jonathan Kent, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor and Lana Lang. Each of them will give their unique perspective about how Clark, Superman, has changed their lives, for better or worse.

"He flies. He can see through walls. He can lift up cars or bounce bullets off his chest or do just about anything he wants to. And that's the part that gets me. He can do about anything he wants to... And he decides to do what? Be a hero? Why?"

This is a question Lois makes to herself about Superman, trying to understand the reasons that drive this man, to do what he does. To be who he is. Why someone so powerful decides to help mankind, instead or ruling it? Instead of being a conqueror, he chooses to be a hero. Why? Well, I guess part of the answer you can find it here, in this trade. At least regarding Superman. But to be honest this is a question we should make more often about ourselves. Why we do the things we do? Who are we, and how we want to be?

Things are never easy. Not even for Clark Kent, the man from Krypton, with powers beyond our wildest dreams. Decisions have to be made, day by day. And I wonder... Who are we closest to be? Are we more like Clark, trying make the world a better place? Or like Lex, trying to
reach the top, without caring who we step on? Are we someone in between them? Have we reached the point we are just indifferent to what happens?I don't know. I blame the rain. Or better yet, I blame Loeb's and Sale's comic for making me ask myself this questions. Damn, I like the dirty bastards. So, that's it for the day. Now, go and help someone.
Hey, you can start by helping me! I really need a capuccino. And a Ferrari. And a trip around the world. And...ok, you can start by making me feel better by reading this blog.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A french trailer and coffee, please

Ms. Mysterious woke up in a corny mood. My mission today: trying to find some meaning in life. To feel some love, some hope. And I've found a little bit of all this in this trailer of the French movie A very long engagement, from Jeunet, the same guy that brought us Amelie. The images are ...Magical. Hypnotic. There's something about Jeunet that even though he's showing us the "real world" (and by that I mean no dragons, jedis, monsters, or spaceships), it makes you feel as if you were in a fairy tale, where anything can happen.

Anyway, judge for yourself...

The film is expected for November this year, in limited release. So let's keep our fingers crossed and hope to see it on a big screen. If not.. Thank God for dvd's.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Ms. Mysterious - computer impaired!!! AARRGHHHHRRR!!!! I admit that I'm a girl from other era, that computers are definitely NOT my thing. I'm not an expert, and I truly believe that my computer sometimes gets bored and decides to conspire against me. AARHHGG!! I've been trying to install an MBox in my computer. Anyone knows anything about it? It just tells me that it doesn't detect the hardware, which is a LIE, because the system clearly tells me when a new hardware has been found. Also, as I'm trying to run the program, it tells me to install it AGAIN (A friend of mine did it yesterday for me) and I try to do it and tells me that Microsoft strongly recommends not to continue with the installation because it will cause problems to my system in the future...*SIGH*SINNERS! HELP!!! As Pink Floyd said..Hello? Is there anybody out there?WAHHhh!! The pain! The loneliness!!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Saving the world, one last time.

Mighty Pulgoso took the words right out of my mouth. I have nothing else to say, just that I truly believed HE would have walked again someday. It's a sad day, but still, I'm happy because even though I never knew the man, he gave me and many others, something to hold on to for the rest of our days. He taught us to never give up, to fight with everything that we've got. He reminded us how important it's to dream, to take the word "Impossible" out of our lives.
And most important of all, he gave us HOPE.

Superman truly existed; His name was Christopher Reeve. May he rest in peace.

More than just the world's most powerful Superhero

A post from the mighty pulgoso, a short one, for alas, this is not my place to rant. While I am sure that Ms. Misterious will post further along on the topic, I will say, that while Christopher Reeve made us believe that a man could fly on the screen, =to me, his most important contribution, was the fact that he gave out hope to many, that someday we would be able to see that a man could walk again.

May he rest in peace, up, up in the sky.

P.S. if you have a few bucks or some free time to throw around, donate to the Christopher Reeve foundation. Do be aware that the site will be terribly, terribly slow.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Elektra teaser poster. Not very interesting but this movie will definitely will be better than Daredevil. Sorry, it sucked big time. And that's bad because I love DD. Why the hell studios find amusing to change superheros origins? Why, oh why, can't they take a good story right out of the comic and put it on screen? Anyway, Jennifer Garner is way TOO COOL to disappoint me. Yeah. Big ALIAS fan. You got a problem with that? You may call me Ms. Bristow.
Yeah, I'm dilussional most of the time. Posted by Hello

Ok, Star Wars Episode III teaser poster. Is it for real? Is it made by one geek kid with nothing better to do? Don't care. I still have hope. Please Lucas! Please don't ruin Star Wars again!!! Stay away from the dark side dammit!!! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

We earthlings salute you!

I love Spielberg. Yes, he is indeed another that's in my personal hall of GODS. Yeah, I'm a polytheist, many gods walk on this earth to not pay a tribute to them. Spielberg has a way of telling stories, of introducing us to new worlds, to new characters, things that makes us feel more...human. Anyway, one of his next projects, expected to hit theaters in June, 2005, is Orson Welles' WAR OF THE WORLDS. Sure you have heard about it...Martians invading Earth? Mayhem? People trying to survive? Tom Cruise, Miranda Otto (LOTR), and Tim Robbins are on board.
So, that's it. Just doing my job, keeping you bastards informed. Yeah, don't thank me all at once.*sigh*

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Twenty- six going on thirty

I don't know it has something to do with our culture, of if it happens to everyone, but when you're about to reach thirty, you start feeling like you should get worried because you're supposed to be all grown up and responsible now. Yes, I'll be 27 in 24 days. Yes, I know that I'm still a couple of years away from being thirty, but I guess it's a good moment to look back in your life and check if you have really screwed it up a lot.Some days I must admit, I get the feeling I've done so little. Maybe it's the fact that by 21 I wanted to be someone like James Bond or
Luke Skywalker (you know, someone powerful with abilities to save the galaxy over and over again). Anyway, this last week, without knowing, I started my own revindication program. Maybe my subconscious told me what I needed to do. Maybe, I wanted to make an investigation on how, even though time passes by, and mistakes are made, it's never too late to do the things you always wanted to do.
So I tried to contact Hugh Hefner to see if he wanted to adopt me and give me all his fortune, so I can have my own mansion and fill it with cute guys. But that didn't work. So, I decided to go back to basics. (Ok actually it was a friend's idea) Yeah. Learn to SKATEBOARD. So there we were, my partner in crime and I, searching for a deeper meaning in life (such as discovering a way of not having to work for the rest of our days) , with our skateboards, in an unfamiliar place, full of ramps and with the only promise of painful moments on the floor.Gladly, things weren't as dark as we thought, and there was no blood shed. We realize that's not so hard to do the ollie if you're holding on to something, but that it's almost impossible to do it while you're moving. I personally also got to the conclusion that I can be extremely happy just being able to move around on a skateboard. No tricks needed. Tricks are a vanity I can live without. Anyway, I'll keep on practicing the ollie (basic jump) and the manual (to stupidly try to move using only two wheels)..and if I get a chance to use some ramps, what the hell. Life's too short. So I guess that the thing I learned this weekend is no matter how old and rusted you are, you can still go back in time and do the things you always wanted to do. Hey, maybe you won't get to be a pro anymore, but you will have fun for sure. I also borrowed an electric guitar and I'm trying to learn something. Anything. You know, in case I find myself in the necessity of playing in the subway for some spare change. (There are worst jobs, I can assure you) Anyway, it's been an interesting weekend. There's still hope for this old mysterious lady.

Trip to a galaxy far, far away

Are you free next April? Well, in case you are, you may want to drop in the STAR WARS
, to be held in Indianapolis April 21- 24, 2005. Yeah. It's a geek convention, and I guess it's going to be worth it. Even though there's still not a real schedule, the idea is that stars and crew members of the last SIX Star Wars films will be there. Also, you'll get to see props, costumes, etc, etc. I've never been into one of these things. I only had the opportunity to go to the Smithsonian in D.C., and watch the "Magic of Myth" (I think that was the name) exhibition. And man, it was great. I got to see speeders, Han frozen in carbonite, lot's of spaceships, Yoda, Chewy and loads of stuff from the original saga. That was before the dark times. Before Episode I and II. Anyway, I'm starting to feel this will be a good moment say goodbye to an era, you know? After Episode III, that's it. There will be no more Star Wars movies. (And I guess due the common state of things, that's a good thing). No more waiting for a more sitting in the movie theater and getting excited as you see the Star Wars logo on screen with John Williams music making you shed tears of happiness. No more Obi One Kenobi. No more Yoda.
End of story.
Yeah yeah, I know about the Star Wars tv show, and the Clone Wars cartoon, but's not the same thing. Anyway, if there's anyone reading, and you've been in one of these big geek conventions
before, tell me about it. We little people of the third world countries are not so familiar with these things. How cool are they? Anyone? Mighty Pulgoso? Are you there? Educate me!
Teach me about life, beauty and truth!

*sigh* Guess I'll start singin' that eighties song, "All by myself". Again.

Cuddly animals in suit

Psychotic Penguins! I want one! I want one! Yeah dirty sinners! They exist. They see conspiracies. They plan. They KNOW. Ok, penguins are not the main characters in the movie
MADAGASCAR, but they sure look cute. The flick's about four animal friends (a giraffe, a zebra, a hippo and a lion) that escape from the zoo, yadda yadda yadda. Lot's of things happen. Just watch the trailer ok?!

Happy Birthday to you! you live in a zoo! You look like a monkey! Aaaaand you smell like
one too!...
Ok this probably sounds better if a giraffe, a hippo and a lion are singing it to you...
HEY! Someone! My birthday's coming! Get me some singin' animals!