Sunday, June 19, 2005

take a big bow Doctor...

"you were fantastic, and you know what? so was I"
-Christopher Eccleston, Doctor Who-

Oh yes you were Doc, yes, you were...

(boy is Mrs Mysterious gonna hate me for seeing this before she did :)

Friday, June 17, 2005


I ve been living in the wrong continent. Since I arrived to Europe I ve been bumping into artists. First, the Batman Begins premier in London and now, Bruce Springsteen.... Oh la la... Europe I think I love you.

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Greetings from La france! Here I 'min Paris. Sitting in the hostel as I hear hawaiian chanting. Yeah, some hawaiians are singing and dancing in the lobby...Interesting I might say. Anyway, this is just a post to show you I'm still alive. And yes, backpacking Europe is something like an Eco Challenge. YOU REALLY GET TIRED!! I'm going to need a day in a SPA when I get back....

Au revoir Siners!!!

Monday, June 13, 2005

No, she won't marry William!!!

after all, she's only been in london for two days... She did manage to get a good luck at the "tumbler" Batmobile... I'm sure that we'll get the pictures when she gets back... Everyone wish her luck!!! as I know that she'll be reading this whenever she gets the chance. :)

Saturday, June 11, 2005

The trip of a lifetime

No..I'm not in London. Yet. Daleks are safe for now. This is it... In 20 minutes I'll leave for the airport. My backpack is ready (sort of). I'm sure I'll be cursing every minute I'll carry it, but what the hell. This is the moment when I realize how much I love the people in stupid Numbtown (not all of them of course) and how I hate not being with my Marshmallow man. This is the moment when I wish that the people I love could make this journey with me....
Okay, I'm nervous and at the same time I'm excited. Damn! Let's get on with it!
Let the EUROTRIP adventure begin!!!

Thanks to everyone! See ya all soon :)

It appears that Mrs Mysterious has already arrived to London...

Dalek kidnapped, further instructions from The Doctor demanded: "A 5'-high original Dalek has been stolen from a British tourist museum. The next day, the kidnappers left the Dalek's amputated plunger and this ransom note on the museum's doorstep, in which they demanded further instructions from the Doctor. Best kicker ever: 'Former Dr Who actor Colin Baker has been in touch with staff at the attraction, and may be asked to send a message to the kidnappers.' Link (Thanks, Rupauk!)"

I mean, seriously, who the hell does stuff like this :)

Not ready...

4:30 am... I'm still trying to pack light. I suck at it. This is the moment when I start wondering why the hell I'm not going to a deserted island, or Las Vegas or some place where I don't have to carry a damn backpack.


(Well, sort of...) I'm still trying to get everything inside my backpack. It's tricky though. Yup. Heavy as hell. Time for Plan B. Let's pack again.
It's 2:11 am. I must leave to the airport at 9 45 am...
It's going to be a LONG night...

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Au revoir Mrs. Robinson

I'm not a person that laughs easily. If you tell me a joke, I'll smile, but just to be polite. If you invite me to watch an Adam Sandler movie, with jokes about farts and bad language, I will fall asleep. There are just a couple of guys that can make me laugh, and one of them is Mel Brooks.
The first comedy movie I remember I watching as a kid and that REALLY made me laugh was Brook's "To be or not to be", a comedy about a polish theater company caught in the middle of WWII.
That was the first time I ever saw Anne Bancroft.
She was not the typical helpless woman. She had brains. She influenced a whole generation of women. (Hey, who can ever forget Mrs. Robinson?...Oh yes. My role model :) )
I must admit I haven't seen all of her movies. Maybe six or seven of them, but it's impossible not to enjoy every second of her on the screen. She had class. Energy. She could make you laugh and cry. (Just remember 84 Charing Cross road with Anthony Hopkins. How romantic is that?)

Anne Bancroft died at age 73, victim of cancer. Long live Mrs. Bancroft!
Now go and watch her movies.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Call me Ms. Jinx

Friday night, Numbtown- Ms. Mysterious and lethal Zdex went to the movies to watch Hitchiker's guide to the galaxy. The movie started and for a moment I thought that my English listening skills had improved by a 100%. I understood everything on the movie just as if they were talking in Spanish...
Wait a minute. THEY WERE talking in Spanish! The bastards dubbed it! Who the hell had that wonderful idea?
I can live with subtitles. As a matter of fact, I prefer watching the movie with subtitles or close caption the first time I see it. But dubbing is another story. It's a total abomination to change the original language of a movie. It's a sin. Period. The jokes, the cursing, a lot of things change and are lost in the dubbing.But okay. It's Numbtown. It's understandable. Annoying, yet understandable. (On the other hand if I ever meet with God, he'll have to explain me why in first world countries such as Italy or Spain they dub EVERY movie)

So, Ms. Mysterious and lethal (and now angry) Zdex cried and cursed to the skies when they heard Hitchiker's narrator in Spanish.
Then, it got worst.
Subtitles were also part of the movie. Yes, half of the movie was in Spanish, while the other half remained in English. What the ....!!??!@*#&*#. Hell...Only in Numbtown...

We decided that burning the movie theater was not a good option at the moment (we didn't have our flamethrowers with us), so we watched Bruce Willis's Hostage instead. Sort of. The movie was about to begin when the film just...Burned. It was Cinema Paradiso all over again. I was just waiting for the flames to reach the room to start walking over everyone's head on my way to the exit, but thanks to modern science we didn't die. There was no big fire. No adventure. Just...Waiting.
After a few minutes the movie finally started ... Not too exciting...Not extremely boring... Just, predictable.... Forty minutes later the movie stops. The lights were on. We reached the conclusion that we're jinxed.

So, if you see me on the street, avoid me. I might be dangerous to your health.
That's all for now.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

The adventures of Puedquito and Pulgoso

Part two. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Live Aid part deux

Today's favorite word:

Yes, my trip to Europe is a mess. It's not my fault! Everything was carefully planned, a perfect itinerary and what happens?
Live 8.
Remember 20 years ago, Live Aid concert to help Africa? Well, say hello to the second version. Just imagine: London, Hyde Park, jumping and screaming as you hear your favorite songs from GREAT artists such as Sting, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Robbie Williams, STING!, Coldplay, Annie Lennox, Rolling Stones, Muse, Keane, Stereophonics, etc, etc, etc. Shall I continue? Hell! I NEED to be there. So, Ms. Mysterious rearranges her beautiful trip and what happens?
She realizes the tickets are free BUT you have to win them in some sort of contest.

Shall I go anyway, hoping to find a way to get in? Shall I cancel everything and continue with my original plan?

Hmm.... Decisions, decisions.