Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Thanks - Gracias - Merci - Gratzie - Danke ...

Yes! I'm still alive!! Be patient my dear sinners, someday soon I'll be able to sit in front of my computer, and rant about everything and nothing 'till my fingers bleed.
Things are moving faster. Days end sooner and you keep growing older. I can't complain, things are going great. I love my jobs. I love my boyfriend. My friends. Love my parents (yeah, I finally got over the teenager syndrome. I can actually say that I'm greatful for everything they did. Creepy don't you think?). Love fast food. Love good music. Love movies. Love the stars and the moon. Love feeling the sun burning my skin. I love a good stories. I love learning. So what am I saying here? Nothing really. I guess I just wanted to say something. Anything. Just let everything out. I'm saying THANKS to the Universe, to destiny, or Whoever is outthere watching. Life's good, even with the small obstacles we face everyday.
Would you care to join me?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

This can take over my life...

Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog: "Wikimania II: The Return

Ok. It's up. Right here. Please play in it, and if you like it, add more and more and more until it actually becomes something halfway useful. The Aquaman entry has a little bit in it, and some of the others have skeletons of information just waiting to be filled out."

Yes, thanks to Laura at Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog we can all enjoy the possibilities of creating a comic book encyclopedia of current events. Good-bye social life... it has been a pleasure :)
P.S. yes, I've started with Detective Comics...

Monday, August 22, 2005

On the run

There's no time to waste!! I'm hiding from the forces of evil! Yes! The forces that make me work and work and have no fun! The forces that make me be responsible! That prevent me from writing and cursing in my useless blog! I even had to put on hold my battle with the evil followers of Rann! So, I have to make this quick:

- Galactica Rules. Starbuck is a Goddess.
- Watch Harry Potter's newest trailer! That's definetely going to be a GREAT movie... (yeah, I got goose bumps), and most important of all, the kids are getting sexy...heh heh heh

Got to run!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Oh I'm just rubbing it in...

Go RANN!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Oh wait! you're right!

Guys with wings attacking people would be way scarier....

but not really in the "I'm about to crap in my pants" scary, more like "dude, seriously, you need a better stylist" scary... :) Sorry Rann makes for a much better movie. VICTORY TO RANN!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Heh, heh... Get real

To Mr. Marshmallow man: My poor, poor, misguided love...You actually believe all the things you say about Rann, right?. Let me help you. Do I agree with you? Hell no. Let's be honest here. Girls dig cute, sexy, bare-chested winged warriors. Guys love macho hairy warriors that can kick lame, skinny, dudes. Come on! They wear spandex costumes! And they don't have the body for it. Sinners! Raise your hand if you want to watch a movie about weak blokes crying for love! Now raise your hands if you want to see some action, sex packed movie with flying guys waving a hammer and destroying puny people! Do you see it?? Yeah, my dear Mr. Marshmallow... Thannagar is the real winner here. HAIL THANNAGAR!!!

"Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room."

So... that Rann-Thannagar... war? truce? skirmish? the one millionth hour of the zero infinite genesis of the multiple armagedons and the crisis of judgement? Anyway, that thingie. While I've been loving OMAC and Villains United I really haven't been enjoying the actual war tale. I have in fact been so uninpressed with it, that while reading it I started to wonder about the real war... THE BLOGOSPHERIC WAR!!! So who would win? I say Rann... why? 'cause it would make for a better movie! that's why!

ConceptA man travels 10 billion years for loveThe ancient Egyptian husband and wife rulers find a crashed spaceship from another planet hich allows them fashion feathery wings to obtain fantastic powers which still don't prevent them from being killed, resurrected, retconned, split, joined, multiplied, turned into an animal avatar, brought back to life, fall in love, get separated, travel to another planet... be galactic policemen... be superheroes... head hurts... must stop.. can't go on...Rann
LocationsAbandoned ruins on Earth, Space, a stylishly designed retro futuristic sci-fi utopia citya boring fascist city.. probably white.. and grey, oh wait! it's flying! in the middle of the air! it could be cool! original! new! oh's BespinRann
Sex appealSkintight Costumes, Sexy Babes, square jawed heroesHairy Chests and wild hawkwomenThanagar by a hair and a feather
Villains and DangersSentient Clouds, Living Tornadoes, Invaders from Space, Giant sunlenses.They are fascists, they are the villains!Rann (there's no way that anything can top a sentient cloud)
CostumesA stylishly designed red jumpsuit with a nifty jetpack. The fin on the helmet seals the dealGian feathery.. no wait, metalic... no wait feathery wings, with a matching hawk-helmet. The colors do bring it down a notch or two.Thanagar. Seriously. A guy in a jetpack, running towards you firing all guns at the same time, scary. A snarling hairy chested guy or a battle hardened, hard as nails woman running towards while wearing open wings, and hawk styled helmet and swinging a giant bloody mace at you. terrifying.
Set piecesAdam travelling through space in the Zeta Beam. Adam arriving to Rann. Adam flying on a Jetpack for the first time, tussling with a clound and marveling at the sea of fire. Adam rescuing Alana, looking at her on the eye right after he tells her that he loves her, waiting for a response and dissapering before he hears it as the effect of the Zeta Beam vanishes. Okay, the hawks would make for a cool visual. But where is the soul?? sorry. Lame action set pieces. No imagination required.Rann
Audience AppealOh please! a love story with an action adventure sci-fi take? Chicks and blokes. Do smart set pieces and you'll get everyone in. Titanic like box office Sci-fi geeks... animal fetishists... egyptian scholars? Meh..Chronicles of Riddick if you're luckyRann

So, final results? Rann 5- Thannagar 2. No contest. I thereore declare Rann the supreme winner of this battle. GO RANN!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

On weekends and fraking good TV shows

Hard work never killed anybody, but why take the chance?
Edgar Bergen
So here I am, working like a donkey to live like a ... Donkey? Classes already started and Ms. Mysterious has been pretty busy trying to make her brain work. Anyway, I'm grateful I have a job and I'll finally get some money to enjoy my crazy, wild weekends. YEAH! I'll be able to buy pizza and go to the movies and drink milk shakes 'till I fall in a comatose state! YEAHH!! Hugh Hefner would be so proud of me!*sigh* I'm such a geek.

What has happened in the last few days? Went to a fourteen year old birthday party and ate a lot of greasy tacos. Went stargazing and I fell asleep (I was able to watch five falling stars though. Amazing). It was great to wake up in the middle of nowhere, breathing clean air, watching a beautiful, blue sky. Later on that day, went to the Cirque du Soleil "Saltimbanco". Those guys are crazy. Really. And they sure as hell make fun of all the kids that go the Olympic Games. Then I arrived home, the real fun started. My heart craved this for days. It was the thing that kept me awake at night and gave me a reason to wake up in the morning... It was Saturday night, the day to see... GALACTICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, it was an exaggeration but still, Galactica rules! What can I say? Season two just keeps getting better and better. Remember that Adama gets shot by Boomer, The President's in jail, and Starbuck runs away to Caprica?
Things were pretty messy. Well, things are getting even worse. Col. Tigh's a drunk psycho and has declared martial law. He's been fraking up things this last four episodes, making impossible to predict what's going to happen next. Damn! This is one of the reasons why I love this show. The characters have changed, and now they're just a bizarro version of themselves. Apollo is a mean SOB, President Rosalin's getting help from her greatest enemy, Tom Zarek; Billy abandoned the president, the two minutes Adama was on screen one could tell he's not going to be as badass as before and Starbuck... Well, Starbuck's been pretty useless this last four episodes. It seems to me that she'll have a love story with the guy from Caprica..and... That's it! Everything's going smoothly. I love this show. One thing though: Someone needs to write something interesting for the whole Caprica plot and make Starbuck look good.

Now someone has to explain me one thing:


Monday, August 08, 2005

The evil teacher's back

Yup, I've been busy (and I'm also lazy, but that's another story). Today it was the first day of the semester. Met my dear students, and damn, it's going to be a loooong semester. I still don't understand why physical punishments are not allowed.*sigh* Oh, the good ol' days.
So, a brief, brief summary of things I've had on my mind:

About Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Director Mike Newell is using the film to "obliterate any sense of false innocence" in the magical tale.... He says " It's my view that children are violent, dirty, corrupt anarchists".
Your damn well they are!! ...Those bastards... Anyway, HP and the Goblet of Fire's been rated PG 13!! WHEEEE!!!! That's a good omen, sinners.

What else? A couple of hours ago I had the chance to watch VH1's Storytellers, featuring Bruce Springsteen in concert. I confess I have a new and improved respect for the man. He's a poet. I repent for my past ignorance. As I'm writing this useless post I listen to his last album, Devils and Dust... I'm getting to love the guy. You just have to get in the mood to listen to his music. Damn, I must be getting old.

Now, about Charlie and the Chocolate factory: I never saw the old version. Yes! SUE ME!.. But still, even though the movie is not a piece of art, is always fun to watch a Tim Burton movie, with of course Danny Elfman's music and the ultimate GOD Johnny Depp, portraying the most excentric, interesting, funny and complex character that he can. My recommendation: Have a chocolate orgy during the movie. Eat chocolates. Lots of them! Sin! SIN!

And I really don't want to know who's going to die on Infinite Crisis, and I really, really, really will kill something really bad happens to Bruce.
I need to sleep ZzzzzZzzz.... It's 11:30 and my first class is at 7:30 am * sigh* . Those damn vacations destroyed my sense of duty.
G'nite, sinners.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Video Game Ombudsman: Psychic Journalism

The Video Game Ombudsman: Psychic Journalism: "Computer and Video Games article about some alleged Nintendo Revolution videos uncovered by a French gaming Web site"

And heck, I know for a fact that at least one of them is fake! I bumped into it years ago on the web (no, I won't find it now, I don't get paid to do that :)

For the record: I'm talking about the render of the car with the zeppelin on the background, which I bumped into when I was doing research on WW2 Germany.