Monday, October 31, 2005

The Adventures of Puedquito and Pulgoso Part IV - Happy Halloween!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

The adventures of Puedquito and Pulgoso Part III

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Monday, October 24, 2005

Not old. Just older.

One hour before midnight. Before I say goodbye to my youth. Yeah, In one hour I'll be 28 years old.
As Indiana Jones said: it's not the years, honey, it's the mileage.
Sometimes I feel so old. I look back and see all the things that I've done wrong...I feel the weight of all those mistakes of the past. Things I didn't say. Things I didn't do. I feel the loneliness, and the confusion. Remember when you were a kid and you thought that all the grown ups had all the answers? Well, we sure as hell don't. Yeah, sometimes you just can't avoid thinking about those things. Asking questions that can not be answered. Blaming yourself for things you can't undo.

But you know what? To be honest, I don't really care. Half of the time I have no idea what I'm doing. I guess that as you grow older you just learn to forgive yourself, and if you're smart enough, you learn to love the little things in your life: Spending an afternoon at the movies. Eating an ice cream in the middle of the week. Listening to music and playing air guitar. Watching the moon and the stars. Feeling the wind in your face. Receiving a smile from a stranger. Understanding and loving your parents a little bit more. Knowing that you're lucky to have good and true friends that love you in spite of your flaws.

Damn I'm lucky. I'll shut up now. I have to enjoy my 27 years! Less than one hour left. Hmm.. I wonder where can I get a stripper on a Monday night.. hm...See ya, sinners. Party tomorrow at my place!!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

In this.. Ah screw it! She-Hulk's back!!!

(picks up She-hulk#1)
Bwa ha ha ha ha. Je-je... HA HA HA HA HA. Gasp! Holy crap!... heh.. Cool!
(puts down She-Hulk#1)

Oh man, that was good, if just a bit heavy-handed, but good nonetheless. The best comic book that I read last year and a half, was by far, She-hulk. And yes, I kow how that sounds like, but trust me, it was by far the most enjoyable comic that I've read in a while. So I was sad to see it end, that is until they announced that it was returning. And here it is, in all it's wonderful glory. And it's still funny, and inventive, funny, wonderful, funny, gorgeus to look at, and funny. And I loved it.
I did find the heavy handedness regarding the trades a bit heavy though. And yet, it was still funny. "Preserve the past, protect the present, forget the future", "Is it me or does that sound like the GOP platform" Brilliant :)

Superman #222 though, was awful. Is there a bylaw in DC that says that at least one of the Superbooks must suck? and not just as in "Oh hum, it wasn't very good" or "oh well, It could have been better" or even "What the?, The Scartlet Witch has always been bad, riiight" this was bad as in "Rob Liefeld drew this" bad. I hated it. Superman Robot? bad plot device. Clark not trusting Lois? considering that we just saw in Adventures how much she trusted her? bad editorial control and character work. Clark using a Superman robot to deceive Lois? complete lack of understanding as to who Clark is. An Omac that can't get rid of Lois? I know that she's an army brat, but damn. "The protective plates were in the walls, floors and ceiling, set into a special substructure that Clark fabricated himself" Well gee, that would make it fairly useless considering that the apartment was a couple of dozen floors above it. And apparently the panic room was designed to withstand a nuclear weapon, but not a gas explosion. Heck, maybe they should've made it out of the bathtub ceramic, which survived :)

Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #2 - Mogo the Green Lantern planet. No, not the planet where the Green Lanterns live, but a planet that is a Green Lantern. God bless DC :) So, allow me to put it out there, I know I'm not the first to request it but DC, Marvel, everyone else please set aside your differences for:
Thank you :)

And that's it for now, no more foolishness for me. And happy third blogiversary to Bloggity-Blog-Blog. Keep it up!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

HE will be back soon! BOW to the DOCTOR! (and friends)

Here I am, on a beautiful Thursday night, getting ready for the weekend. Things are quiet at work and I'm finally able to sit down and rant for a little while. Oh, so many stupid things to say, so little time. So, first things first: TV shows.
On this post, the good news (the complaining will be later):
DOCTOR WHO will be coming soon!!! I have no idea of the exact date (if anyone knows, please, help me stop the pain), and characters such as Jackie and Mickey (the big idiot) are back. But what caught my attention is that Cassandra will be back, but in a pre-stretched version... aaawwww.. I'm sorry I find it.. cute. Plus, we'll have Anthony Stewart Head (Giles, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer). The bad news? The return of K-9. *sigh* Well, nothing's perfect. I'm still dying to see what personality will David Tennant give to the Doctor... Oh, I miss Mr. Big ears... *sniff*Anyway, all of this leads us to ...

TORCHWOOD- Remember Captain Jack? The cute con artist/space pirate that hanged around with Rose and the Doctor last season? Well, John Barrowman will have a show of his own, where the adventures of Captain Jack will include alien murders and investigations.
I think this show has good possibilities... Barrowman is funny, sexy and charismatic. He can easily pull it off. Anyway, I guess we'll have to wait 'till 2006.
And yes, "Torchwood" is an anagram for "Doctor who". If you discovered this by yourself, you've just won a pizza! If you're cute, it also includes a romantic night with Ms. Mysterious. :)

My precioussssssss!!

I'VE GOT BOOK AUTOGRAPHED BY NEIL GAIMAN!! Yes, my dear, dear sinners, even though my birthday is 'till next Tuesday, Mr. Marshmallow sent me as a present the novel Stardust, signed by the god Gaiman. HE wrote my name! He knew for about five seconds of my existence! He even draw a star just for me. Oh yeah... Life's good sometimes.
So, this post is to thank my handsome, young and pale trekie, for giving me cool gifts and loving me even though I'm getting pretty old. =)

Friday, October 14, 2005

Welcome back, Mr. Bond

Yeah, yeah, I know we have a new Bond. The thing is that a) I've been kinda busy to write something about it and b) I'm still not sure whether I'm happy or pissed Craig is the new Bond.
Sue me. He's not THAT cute. I can't remember how's his acting (I hear pretty good), but still, I girl needs to have some motivation. Let's see him without his shirt! Yeah! That'll help me to decide if I'm happy he's the new Bond.
Okay, I'll stop being so negative. I guess I should rejoice because we FINALLY have a Bond. Hurray!!!!! One martini for the new Mr. Bond!!!! May you kill many villains and save the world for many years to come =)

But Q what about my hair colour???

Oh I can tell that she won't stop talking about this for a while... Yes, there's a new James Blonde... err.. Bond.. :)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ms. Mysterious finally talks about Omac!!

No. Way. Remind me why I took so long to read OMAC? Oh, yeah I remember. I wanted to wait and buy the trade. Thank God for piracy. Believe me, I WILL buy the trade as soon as it comes out, but.. MAAN!! It was a frackin great ride!! The twists in the plot, the depth and complexity of the characters and the situations they have to face are just great. Damn damn damn! I want more. Now.

Yeah, as most of the comics, books or movies, not everything's perfect. I could start talking about the small flaws of the series. But no. At the end of the day what I remember are the exciting parts, the moments when I was at the edge of my seat; Wonder Woman killing Max. Superman watching with guilt and horror what he did to Bruce. Sasha being "killed". Million of Omacs rising. Sasha and Batman kissing (yeah, I'm a girl, I'm a sucker for romantic stories that include Batman).
So, did I like it? Yeap. I love to watch how things turn into a huge mess.
Infinite Crisis here I come!

The Devon knows more because he is old and wise....

Repent Sinners!!!! bows to the infinite (get it, infinite.. sigh...) wisdom and analytical skills of Devon at "Seven Hells!" for correctly predicting a huge plot point of DC's Infinite Crisis. Ms. Mysterious, you may not want to go to that link at this point yet.

Kudos Mate!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dear Santa:

I want the new Ipod I want the new Ipod I want the new Ipod I want the new Ipod!!!!!!!!!!!!
The cool new improvement? You can watch videos. Bless you, oh , beautiful technology!!!!!! ... And damn you, stupid poverty!!
No, I don't really want this Ipod. (not for now at least) I'm happy with my 40 gb Ipod- D2, with its 4,700 songs and the complete first season of Galactica, Doctor Who and Clone wars and God knows what else I have in there. Long live Apple!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I'd pay for that...

Well, after reading this week's Lying in the Gutters and then reading this post from Cognitive Dissonance, I must say that I would gladly pay for a service that would let me download comics on a monthly fee. But see, I'm weird... Because I would still end up going to the store and buying a couple of trades every month because I like the feel of the book. And I realize that this is an easy decision for me, as it would mean that I don't actually have to go to the store (which ain't easy to do, I tell ya) and would end up saving a lot of time and effort by downloading stuff. But man, I can't imagine all the great people that would suffer a lot because of this service. I guess that in the end, it'll be the same thing that's currently happening to the music stores, now that itunes is up and running. But still, there is a charm and an attractiveness to going to a good comic book store and seeing all those comic books aligned in all their four colour glory....

But, I must admit, that if at some point someone decided to make a monthly download service... I'd go for that.

Actually, I've always wondered why on earth DC doesn't put up comics that are important to current titles up on their website? Stuff like... Well Chase is showing up in Manhunter... Chase is very likely never going to be collected on a trade paperback, and yet, it's probably one of the best series that DC did in the 90's. So why not put it on their website? put some ads on it, and I'm sure people would download it, and you could at least make some profit out of it. Heck, if DC was smart, they'd coordinate with the JLU cartoon to have an issue of each superhero featured in this week's cartoon, because let's face Warlord? wha? Or in the first episode, Aztek showed up... I do happen to know who Aztek is, having read those issues at the time as well as his appearances on the JLA comic book, so why not put up an issue of Aztek on the website.

So there, I raise my hand for an iComics service.

But I would still go to my comic book store to get those nice trades...

Monday, October 10, 2005

In this issue....

So what did I end up reading this week?
Well, I happenned to read Wonder Woman 221, which was a wonderful read (I really like what Rucka's done with the character.) I must admit that I'll be dissapointed if he happens to leave the book any time soon. But, having said that, I think that he has completely redefined Diana, and made her a real character, as well as having addressed her dichotomy quite succesfully. Plus, she gets angry and kicks major Omac butt. And this is all that I will say for now, because my sweet, sweet Ms. hasn't read "The Omac Project"

I also happened to get JSA 78, which was so-so. I was a real fan of this title for a long time, but these las couple of issues have sort of let me down. I couldn't really pinpoint to anything specific, it think that it's mostly the characters sort of becoming.. well annoying. I can't stand Hourman, finding him somewhat annoying and without much depth. Sand has become more of a plot device than anything else, and the less said about Mr. Candoanything the better... Yes, Ms. I admit it, I no longer think that Mr. Terrific is a good character, happy? there! I've said it. One character which I do enjoy, and one that could certainly hold his own series is Dr. Midnight. Give him a series DC! Anyway, in this issue the JSA decide to go and get Jakeem and the Thunderbolt. Kudos for a nice cliffhanger, but it's really more of a "wha huh?" moment, rather than a "Cool!"

And then I got the Return of Donna Troy #4... I've been reading comics for a while. Heck between my friend Zdex and I, we've probably read as many comic books as anyone out there reading this blog... and I've no idea what was happening for half the series. But, I sort of like the idea of Donna remembering everything. Should be fun to see what happens with her. It's funny that both Donna Troy and Power Girl will end up remembering everything, because of the fact that they have been mishandled as characters in the real world. Cute.

I think that it's time to lay my cards on the table. The red cape at the end of the latest JLA belongs to.... THOR! oh wait... hmmm.. :)

Thanagarian fools...

I haven't read the latest issue of the Rann-Thanagar war (to be quite honest, the series sort of bored me a bit) but the fact that the thanagarian supporters haven't been crowing about their victory leads me to believe that us wonderful and humble Rannian activists should take a bow, say "please try again some other time" and throw a party :)

Sunday, October 09, 2005

PRAISE THE LORD! The last son of Krypton has returned!

Finally, Smallville is becoming what we all shameful sinners have been waiting for.
Last night I had my weekly cyber se..AHEM romantic date with Mr. Marshmallow and we saw (among many other things) Smallville's s5e1 "Arrival".
We were left with Smallville being hit by a meteor shower (yes, again), Lana discovering a kryptonian spaceship after her helicopter crashed and Clark ending up in the North Pole.

I will not give a lot of details, I don't want to spoil it for you in case you haven't seen it. Just let me tell you that the show finally resembles more to Superman comics than to Dawson's creek.
Our favorite characters return: Evil Lex is well, finally looking evil, popsicle Chloe gets herself intro trouble (as usual), sexy papa and mama Kent show their endless love for each other (awwww aren't they cute?) ,Lana's just about to have a nervous breakdown, and hot Clark, well... He's going through big changes.
But most important of all my dear sinners, we have the fortress of solitude! Bad Kryptonians destroying and killing everything in sight! The phantom zone! What else is there in life?

So, if you're thinking of NOT watching this show, after watching last season's endless stories of witches and stones and all that crap, think about it twice. Even the opening credits are new and improved! I got a good feeling about this, sinners. This season things are gonna get interesting in Smallville...

Oh yeah, and another thing. We'll finally watch Clark and Lana naked on the same bed. Yeah baby!!! Hey, is good to know that at least SOMEONE is having fun...

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Wanna see a cool Guinness TV commercial?

AWWW a cute little green tiny thingy at the end of the commercial!! Yeah, I'm a very sensitive and girly Ms. Mysterious today. Damn, just watch it.

Okay, I must admit I'm not really excited about this movie , but this teaser image is just BEAUTIFUL.... Kong just looks soo cute... awwww :) Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 03, 2005

In this iss... hey! wait a minute???

Okay, so I was going to be reviewing this week's comics. I really, really was going to, that is, until I realized that the Ms, hadn't read OMAC.. nor has she been reading Justice League... So while I could review New Avengers... well... It's just not worth it, as I didn't like it... And the less that is spoken of Supergirl #2 the better... no, really seriously, avoid it like the plague. In fact, if given a choice between having the plague, leprosy and being put in a box full of zombies or reading Supergirl #2, then I strongly suggest that you hold your breath till you turn blue and kill yourself (cause I don't know about you but I don't want to be in a zombie cage... and reading that comic isn't that much better an option.)

Having said that, isn't Greg Rucka writing some wonderful stuff in Wonder Woman and Adventures of Superman? I've never liked Diana much that is until I started reading Rucka's run on the title. I think that this is the first time that someone's finally figured her out. I love it....

Oh, and buy Whiteout... and Queen and Country... they are also good.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Things DO change in time

Remember The shining? Well, I bet you'll remember it different from now on. Oh, the magic of technology! It's so amazing sometimes it makes me want to cry. Okay, the short version of the story: There was a contest. The challenge was to make a trailer of a movie, but changing it's genre. You could not alter anything, you could only add music and voice over. Just watch and see how all the scary childhood memories fade away.

Once again, I'm heartbroken...

May I say something?

No, no. It's nothing personal. It's just that is NOT nice to make people suffer this way. Battlestar Galactica S2 Ep 10 Pegasus, the end of the first part of season two.
Pegasus is probable one of the best episodes on TV of the last ten years, delivering a great, solid plot, amazing climax, twists that will give you a damn enjoyable headache and a cliffhanger that will make you consider to freeze yourself 'till the next episode airs in January 2006.

Another ship makes contact with the Galactica, the Pegasus, commanded by the annoying SOB Admiral Helena Cain, Adama's superior officer. Things turn nasty (*SPOILER) when she reassigns Apollo and Starbuck to the Pegasus, Tyrol and Helo are sentenced to death for killing an officer that was abusing of cylon Boomer, and Adama decides to kick her sorry ass and save all of our loved characters.

How am I suppose to survive three months without action in my life? ... I guess I'll start knitting or something. Yeah, That'll definitely fill the void.