Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Forgive me, sinners.

I admit it, sometimes, I'm an idiot. In my last post (goodbye JLU...), for some stupid reason I said that Bruce Timm was Batman's voice in JLU and Batman: he animated series. Let me correct my mistake (thanks Nala). Kevin Conroy, is the guy that we love for giving life and personality to our beloved god, Batman.
So that's it. I promise I'll avoid any kind of mind altering substances when I blog in the future. So go on. Keep on doing what you were doing. Shoo. Get something to eat. Go and kiss your other half. Overthrow a government. Oh, just go and have some fun.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Goodbye JLU! You shall be missed...

I'm soo sad... Last night I finally saw JLU's last episode. Ever. WAHHHH! I still can't understand why they decided to end this series. Damn them. No more Superman. No more Batman. No more Ollie or John. No more Diana. Daaaaaamn! I know there are still lots of cartoons coming our way, but there's no way they can be as good as this one. It's just like Batman: the animated series. It was so damn good that there is no way on earth they can replace it with anything else. Yeah I liked Batman Beyond and I think The Batman might improve if we give it a chance, but you see my point? There's only one Batman in our minds: the Batman of the animated series, with Bruce Timm's voice. The same Batman that was part of the JLU. *sigh*
This last episode was a nice way to say goodbye, though. Our favorite superheros, saving the world, one more time. And yes, as Diana says, the adventure goes on. Maybe not as the JLU, but sure we got a lot of comics and good stories to read.
Anyway, Long live the Justice League Unlimited!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Spiderman (8) Spiderman, does whatever a spider can, he has a new black costume, and we know that's bad (8), look out, here comes the spidermaaaaaaaaaaan!!!
*sigh* Okay, I suck as a composer. Sue me.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Damn, I wish I'd had a license to kill

Okay, I tried to avoid the subject, but now I really have to say something about this... This whole "Bond- Craig" situation is going too far. In case you haven't heard, some James Bond longtime "fans" have been complaining about how awful Daniel Craig is, and how unsuitable he is to portray Bond. Blah blah blah. This is what they state in their site . Please. Do not drink and read at the same time. You might spill your beverage on the screen.

"We are calling for and supporting this boycott (...) As long as Craig is involved with the Bond films, and as long as they continue on this reboot time line, we will continue to promote the boycott of Casino Royale and any further films that proceed under these conditions"

So, what do I have to say about this? I, Ms. Mysterious, humble servant and follower of James Bond, Lord almighty and Sex God? (Yeah, I'm really a fan. Please, just check my URL: bondwalker. blogspot.com)
What do I think? What words of comfort and support should I offer to my fellow jamesbondfans?
Well, there are a couple of things I might say, starting with...
Sure, Craig's not as cute as Pierce Brosnan, but at least he has a better body than all the former Bonds combined. Plus he has personality. ( And by the way, George Lazenby was NOT a pretty looking guy). But that's beyond the point. James Bond movies will evolve. They'll adapt to a different generation and different market, and still, the formula will remain. The character will still be the suave, powerful, ingenious superagent. He will save the world. He will get the girl. That's what Bond's all about. So please, if you want to boycott something, if you want to fight for something, at least choose a decent war to fight. Blame the Government about poverty. Boycott industries for destroying the environment. Ask for more money for education. Anything. Please. FOCUS, and stop wasting your time.
Let's wait and see how Casino Royale goes. And if it sucks big time, I promise I will throw tomatoes at Barbara Broccoli, or whoever you want me to. But 'till then, take a valium okay?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ms. Mysterious reporting back to earth.

Bad, lazy, lazy Ms. Mysterious. What can I say? I'm taking my time to analyze my current situation. A lonely woman in a new world... What can a girl do but drown her sorrows in Mexican candies and American TV shows? Oh, it feels almost like home.
Things are going better I think. Or at least I'm lying myself about it. It's possible I finally lost my mind.... Or maybe I just don't want to be stressed anymore.
There's not much you can do in life besides planning and stressing because things don't turn out as you expected. Most of the time, you just have to sit back, and enjoy the ride. Something is bound to happen eventually.
Yeah, give a big applause to wise Ms. Mysterious. I know you all love me. Now go on. Keep on doing what your doing. I'll go to bed if you don't mind. Yeah, I promise I won't write anything else tonight.


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Those stupid stupid rat creatures are back! Sort of.

Oh yeah. This will be something worth reading... Jeff Smith (the guy behind Bone series) will delight us with *drums please*

Shazam: Monster Society Of Evil

Don't you love to have nice news such as this one?

Friday, February 10, 2006

Chicks dig rockstars

By the way as I said before, I suck making Grammy predictions. Big deal. If you lost a bet because you followed my advice, just sell your liver and get it over with. It worked for me. So, the big winners: U2!!! Yeah baby!! Sexy Bono!Ubersexy Edge! Aaaand I'm sad because I can't find tickets for their concert here in Brisbane. Daaamn. But that's another story. I enjoyed watching some of the Grammy's presentations and yet I'm too lazy to talk about each and everyone of them. So.. ahm... Nothing more to say about the Grammys really. But I could recite a poem I made!! It's called 101 reasons why I love pizza. Hey! Where are you going!? Are you telling me that you don't want to read abou.... *sigh*
Alone again. Naturally.

Super pic!

A nice little picture of Brandon Routh as Superman. Oh, please, don't thank me all at once. Just a little something for you, my dear silent sinners. I like the picture. By not watching Brandon's chubby legs, one can actually dream that Superman Returns will be a good movie, and that once more, we'll believe a man can fly.
Okay okay, I'll be positive. It WILL be a good movie. Happy now?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Oh Grammys! Don't break my heart, my achy breaky heart!

*Sigh* Please, no comments about this post's title. Grammy's are just around the corner and I was planning on making a huge prediction on who would win. I was making my humble list, category by category when I realized .... I suck. I've never done this. Unlike the Oscars, I have no idea how to predict a winner. Who are the winners? The guys that sell a lot throughout the year? Or could it be that the judges actually see the quality of the music? (Oh poor Ms. Mysterious, so old and still so naive...Of course it's the money.. But let me dream okay?) So, here is my short and humble list; I'll post it just in case all my predictions are correct, I can rub it in to you all my faithful and silent sinners.
Record of the year - green day
Album Of The Year -(Sadly) Kanye West. Hopes on McCartney
Song Of The Year - Sometimes you can't make it on your on -U2 - (Damn, not really sure.)
Best New Artist - Keane (International projection?)
Best Female Pop Vocal Performance - Hollaback Girl -Gwen Stefani. (She's sexy and knows how to dance?)
Best Male Pop Vocal Performance - Fine Line - Paul McCartney (Ex- beatle. A leyend- Great album)
Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal - Mr. Brightside The Killers ( There's no way I'm going to chose the Lonely boys)
Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals - Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz Featuring De La Soul (nasty cartoons that sing and play cool songs. It's impossible not to love them)
Best Pop Vocal Album - Love. Angel. Music. Baby. Gwen Stefani (Again, she's sexy and sells a lot. Plus, she destroyed If I were a rich man. Damn her.)

After this I couldn't continue with my predictions. I couldn't stop laughing. Or crying. Damn, I'm not sure which was it but bear with me. Consider this as a pop quiz: What element (or artist in this case) does NOT belong to the best solo rock performance category?
Eric Clapton - Bruce Springsteen - Neil Young - Robert Plant - Rob Thomas

...tick...tock....tick...tock.... BUUUZZZZ.. YES! You're absolutely right! ROB THOMAS is the answer my dear sinners! You've just won a trip to Happyland!

Okay, now you understand my dilemma? I couldn't go on predicting on categories that dared to include in the same sentence gods like Clapton and Plant with a guy such as Rob Thomas. Nothing against the guy, he's just waaaaay out of da' hood, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I'll keep my fingers crossed for some of my favorite bands and artists, such as Clapton, McCartney, Springsteen, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, System of a Down, Rolling Stones, Franz Ferdinand, and B.B. King.

So that's it for now. See you all later. And remember: Music good. Pizza good. School bad. Watch the grammys! Throw tomatoes at the TV !! YEHAAAA!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Looking for Peter, the guy that flies

Why is that when we're kids, or even teenagers we can't wait to grow up? We can't wait to have control over our lives, live with the one we love, earn money, have our own apartment, and god know how many other things. Right now, I don't think that being a grown up is such a cool thing. Three months ago I might have said that it was great. Today, more than ever, I wish I was in Neverland.
Anyway, just useless ranting from a lost and sleepy soul.