Thursday, March 30, 2006

British Agents and free runners unite!

James Bond footage!! Wheee!!! Rejoice sinners for you will be able to watch part of the footchase between James Bond (Daniel Craig, getting cuter by the minute) and a bad guy (?) named Mollaka portrayed by God Free runner, Sebastian Foucan.. Are you ready to watch what will it be a great movie? Is your heart ready for extreme emotions? No? well then, watch only 25 seconds of the chase.
I know, I know, 25 lousy seconds (and I actually have only been able to download 16), and a weird way of dowloading them, and to be honest you can barely see anything of great importance, but is better than nothing, don't you think?
Anyway, long live Mr. Bond! (link to Casino Royale pictures here. Enjoy!)

Yes, it's a miracle! SHE reads!

It's a rainy Friday afternoon, and I'll finally get a break from another tough and busy week of unemployment. Tonight, I'll go to the city, buy a delicious sesame milk tea with pearls and sit in front of the biggest screen in town, to watch V for Vendetta. Yes, weeks later, it finally arrives to Kangarooland. Can't wait to see what they've done with the story. V was one of the first series I read when I was reintroduced to comics, and I just fell in love with it. Yes, Alan Moore's a god. You may bow before him, I won't get jealous. But don't worry, you'll read my humble review later.

So let's focus on me again. What does an unemployed girl does besides looking for job? Well, that's easy: Read all the comics she's been missing in the last months. Here are my favorite ones:

Y: The last man (24 -31). Yorick's still hangin' out with the girls, amazons are still annoying as hell, and it seems that we finally know why the hell Yorick is the only man that survived. Everytime I read Y I just get lost and sucked into that doom world. I just love it, and I have no idea how they will end the series. Will everything go back to normal? Will Yorick die? Will he take charge and repopulate earth? No bloody clue.

One Year Later- What the hell happened one year before?! Yes, I know it's part of the idea, but still, damn them. Great selling idea though.

Superman 650 - What the hell happened to his powers? Love the scene when you think that he's about to change into Superman and... Sends a signal to Supergirl. Niiiice.
Robin 148 - He's Robin! He's cool. Plus that conversation with Batman... Whoaa. What's up with Batman saying things like "we're family". Niiiice, and weird. Which brings me to...
Catwoman 053 - This issue has the perfect Batman scene for those who have a crush on him (yeah, just like me) Batman giving a teddy bear to Selina's kid? Soooo cute. But who's the father?. Yeah, they got me.
Batman 651 and Detective Comics 817- To be honest the only thing I really liked was that Gordon's back and that perfect scene when he turns on the Bat signal and everyone in the city just goes crazy. Perfect moment.
Nightwing 118 is pretty cool. Although they spoil everything in the last last page telling you who the other Nightwing is. *sigh*
And finally.. Green Arrow 060- Hey is Ollie. He's sexy. What's not to love?

By the way, Hawkgirl 050 sucks.

Oh, and if you haven't read Superman- Shazam: First thunder, do it now. Excellent (sad that the damn thing is too short), but it is one of those comics that will make you feel a little bit better knowing that Superman's around.

YES , I know he's not real.. *sniff* .. . but admit it. You'd feel better if he was.

Oh, my dear doctor where art thou?

Actually I DO need a Doctor. My arm hurts like hell. If only THE Doctor would come and give me a ...Private consultation...Hehehe. Anyway, write this down sinners: April 15th - The day the Doctor will .... *drums, please*... RETURN!
I can't tell you how much I need to see how this series will work with David Tennant, because let's face it; Chris Eccleston did one hell of a job. Yeah yeah I know I've talked about this thousands of times. Don't worry, that's all I'm going to say about him. This new pic actually looks pretty cool. They have budget now! Hehehe.

By the way, what the hell with the thing that Mickey the idiot will be part of the Tardis crew? Daaamn. I really don't know if I will be able to stand him. Anyway... Let's wait and see what happens.
In the meantime, if you're interested in reading some David Tennant and Billie Piper Q & A click here or you can go directly to the official Doctor Who's website and check out all the new wallpapers and useless (but enjoyable) things they have.

Cheers, sinners!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Blub, blub, blub...

I love this poster. Simple, yet creative. And yes, I want to see this movie NOW! I know, I know, it seems I'm the only one excited. So I loved the 1972 version, sue me! Ordinary people fighting for their lives, a great set with everything upside down, everyone dying... oh happy days! Come on, sinners. Admit it. You too miss old disaster movies. You know, the kind of movies that have big fires, explosions, creepy deaths, impossible situations, great special effects, people being turned into green cookies. I miss Irwin Allen and all the seventies obsession with disasters. *sniff* . Anyway, watch Poseidon's new trailer. Big waves, lots of water, people drowning, jumping into the fire, screaming. Pure bliss.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Free stuff. I love freeee stuff.

Mr. Marshmallow found this nice little blog that keeps you "up to date with the latest free downloads at the US iTunes Music Store" And yes, you can download them for free.

Oh and my honey bunny and moi subscribed to a free trial in an internet video rental thingy. We're receiving 5 free rentals. We already got HOUSE (the first dvd of the great TV show with Hugh Laurie, you know, about the doctor that's Spider Jerusalem's reincarnation) And guess what we're getting tomorrow? Mel Brook's To be or not to be!!!! *applause*
Why do I have the feeling that no one has seen this movie? Watch it, sinners. It's Mel Brooks! Great comedy about the IIWW! (Yes, you can actually make a good comedy about this. Seriously)

Anyway, remember sinners: Free stuff goooooood!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

March 19 - New National Holiday, sinners!

HAPPY BDAY ROOOOOOOOOOBB!!! We send you a big big big big big big BIIIIIIG hug and a MUACK!. Hope you eat a lot of cake and have lots of fun, but most of all, remember that you have two annoying geeks that even though they couldn't be with you this time, they love you and wish you the best.

Oh yeah and... MUAHAHAHA you're old now!! So sinners! I command you, from this day forward, every March 19th will be a special holiday! Eat till you burst! Drink till you puke! Today is Rob's birthday!!!!! *applause* =)_

Love ya Roooooob!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Judgment day's here, sinners! REPEEENT!!!

FRACK FRACK FRACK! I guess everyone has seen Battlestar Galactica's last episode (we're talking about season 2 here by the way, so focus!)
DAMN IT WAS GOOD! And DAMN THEM because the next episode will be 'till October. Fracking October! EIGHT MONTHS!!!!! ARGGHHHH!@&#*#*($**(#@!!!!!

*Breathe Ms. Mysterious. Breathe*

As you can all see, I'm not really into long waitings. Anyway, "Lay down your burdens" the 90- minute season finale, took me by surprise. There was no way I could have guessed what Ron Moore and his crew were taking us. It was just incredible.
On the other hand, I have to admit that there were a couple of episodes and situations in this season that were not quite convincing. Somewhere along the way, Moore just forgot about the characters. He forgot to their personalities and how they would react to specific situations. Or who they would love.
Examples? (SPOILERS here people, don't read if you don't want to know what happens!)
The whole Lee - Dualla relationship was totally unbelievable. No chemistry, no good reason for them to fall in love. And then Billy dies and no one cares! No funeral, no tears. They just kept on living as he never existed. And what about how the Lee- Starbuck relationship ended? Sorry, but I never bought it.

In spite all these small annoying details... I just LOVE this show. And the season finale was amazing, starting with the nuclear detonation by Gina (one of the multiple number 6 versions) that destroys Cloud Nine and other ships. Dean Stockwell's brief but enjoyable performance that would turn everything upside down. President Roslin and the Galactica crew cheating on the elections. Baltar becoming the President. Then New Caprica, one year later and the cylons arriving. Baltar surrendering. Both Adamas leaving the system and the defenseless civilians down in New Caprica at the mercy of the cylons.
WHOAAA. Just fracking A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

So that's it. No more Galactica 'till October. At least enjoy yourselves watching the behind the scenes documentaries on Galactica's official site, or listen to some podcasts. And when you're done with that and you realize you still miss the show, you can do your very own What New Battlestar Galactica character are you quiz . (Useless but we need to kill some time, people) And if after doing all these you still feel miserable, you can join Ms. Mysterious and cry with her .

Actually how do we call ourselves? Star Trek has their "trekies", Doctor Who, their "whovians", how do we call ourselves? "galacties? Gala...g..g... Okay. Whatever. Time to go and keep up with my crying.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The world's their playground

Two nights ago I watched a cool documentary about the Yamakasi, the founders of Parkour (or Free Running). No, I have no idea of the documentary's name. So sue me. But what is Parkour? Well, since I'm pretty lazy today I'll let wikipedia explain: Parkour is an art form of human movement, focusing on uninterrupted, efficient forward motion over, under, around and through obstacles (both man-made and natural) in one's environment.

So basically, these guys are a bunch of crazy, fearless, amazing guys that run, climb and jump, around cities and parks, showing us that all that stuff we see in movies and in comic books can actually be done. Really. You don't believe me? Watch these videos.

Anyway, what I loved about these guys (besides that they are truly gods in total control of their body and environment) is that for them, parkour is not a form of competition. It's a way to find inner balance. To flow and overcome obstacles in life. To trust yourself and the people around you. To learn to live your life in harmony. I just loved their philosphy and how they search for understanding and peace of mind in their own way. Isn't that what life's all about in the end?

Parkour is a growing sport/ philosophy. I'm sure there's still much to learn about this guys. Oh and by the way, we'll be able to watch James Bond chasing free runners in the up coming Casino Royale movie. How cool is that?

Catch you later, sinners.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Oh, James!

Hello, hello Mr. Bond! Seems you're getting cuter by the minute. Oh, the things that a walter ppk does for a man! This is going to be a interesting movie. Anyway, click here for more Casino Royale pics. Ta ta!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Sinners! Say hello to your new best friend

We have a new guest sinners! Scroll down the page and on your right side you'll find... BaconObi One Kenobi! Yes, our very own blogkeeper. (Blog guardian. Blog pet. Blog ahm..visitor?)
Don't be fooled by his appearance! He's dangerous. If you make fun of him, he will eat every one of your fingers as he dips them in tartar sauce. He's the far cousin of our very own Omnipotent Puedquito (my powerful pig plush toy, whose real name is PuedquitObi One Kenobi), so don't you dare mess with Mr. Bacon, for he has powerful allies!
That will be all for now. You may leave in peace, but remember to say goodbye to the pig, otherwise you'll be damned from here to eternity!! Muahahahahaa

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Finally, Ms. Mysterious revealed!

Okay, I have just showed you how I look. No more walking down the streets without fans stalking me. Damn. So here's my own South Park version of .. moi. As you can see, I just love Superman, ice-cream, music and killing people with my katana. Yup, I was bored and my friend Kurai just helped in those hours of need by showing me this page where you can make your own South Park character. Have fun, sinners!

Wanna see a cool Superman video?

Sinners, rejoice! Our savior, lord almighty is here! Okay, just please watch this cool Superman video. Is a mix of all the Superman versions that we've seen on TV and the big screen. Great shots, plus the amazing John Williams music makes this small video just... Perfect. It's okay if you get all nostalgic and even let out a few tears. Ms. Mysterious almost cried. Yeah, I'm a big sissy.
Anyway, hail to the greatest superhero of all time:

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ms. Mysterious is...On an Island!

Yup, I'm on an island -is true since Australia is a big frackin' island in the middle of nowhere. Bit that's another story.
Sinners, sinners, sinners... There's nothing like waiting for an album and finally getting it, and after listening realizing that your patience has been rewarded. I finally got my hands on David Gilmour's latest album, On an Island. For those of you who have no idea who I'm talking about, Gilmour has been Pink Floyd's guitarist and front man since he replaced Syd Barret back in the late 60's. This is only his third solo album, and the first after 18 years.
So, what kind of album is this? Well, let's say that if you want to lie down on the floor of your apartment, turn of the lights (maybe even light some candles) and enjoy of powerful, emotional, and at times melancholic music, here's your album. You won't be able to resist Gilmour's legendary atmospheric guitar playing and smooth voice, combined with those classic poetic lyrics.
I can't say I have a favorite song. I just love them all. But I guess you can start by checking out On an island, Take a breath, or Red sky at night (you just melt when you hear that sax playing), and ... Damn I tell you sinners, I just love the whole damn CD. Check it out. I command thee!!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Meanwhile at the Oscars...

This is a short post... I'm watching the Oscars and ... MY GOD. Someone really must get fired. What's up with the best song? Hustle and flow's rap song It's hard out here for a pimp?!!! WTF??!!!! REALLY guys! It's true that the Academy needs to attract new audience, but you have to maintain some standards dammit!! This is no Eminem with the inspirational Lose Yourself. No, sinners, this is a mediocre song.

The whole world is going to hell.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

I can see the future, for I am... Ms. Mysterious!

Okay, I'm hungry and tired, so I'll go straight to the point: The Oscars. My predictions on who's going to win and who SHOULD win.
Here we go:

Actor in a leading role
Who should win: Phillip Seymour Hoffman (Even though I'm not really interested in the movie, let's admit it. He's one of the best actors of our generation. Period)
Who would probably win:
Heath Ledger (He's pretty cool as a gay cowboy, but he doesn't deserve an Oscar yet)

Actress in a leading role
Who should win: Felicity Hauffman - WOW.
Who would probably win: Reese Whiterspoon.

Animated Feature

Who should win and WILL win: WALLACE AND GROMIT!!!( Loooooovely moovie)
Who should win: Hmm. Although my heart is with Batman Begins, I'll go for Good night, and good luck. - Amazing movie. One of my favorites.
Who would probably win: Brokeback mountain

Costume Design
Who should win: Memoirs of a Geisha
Who would probably win: Memoirs of a Geisha

Who should win: My loyalty goes to Spielberg, but I just loved Good Night, good luck.
Who would probably win: Brokeback Mountain. Sadly. Boring movie. Slooow. Great performances, amazing shots, but way too long. Makeup
Who should win: Star Wars Episode 3
Who would probably win: The chronicles of Narnia
Who should win: Memoirs of a Geisha - Hail Master John Williams!!
Who would probably win: Hopefully Geisha. PLEASE, please, don't let it be Brokeback Mountain. The music is BORING as hell. The guy just used three chords throughout the whole movie, for Christ sake!

Best Picture
Who should win: Good night, and good luck. Sorry, I just loved the movie. Great year for Clooney. Period. Although I wouldn't mind if Munich gets the Oscar. Love Spielberg.
Who would probably win: Brokeback Mountain. DAMN. Just because it's a story with hot gay cowboy sex. Damn, damn. Nothing against the topic, the thing is that it's a boring movie, people!

Sound editing and mixing
Who should win: War of the worlds
Who would probably win: King Kong

Visual effects
Who should win: War of the Worlds. Although I believe Kong itself is amazing, I hated how some of the effects looked cheap. (Remember the dinosaurs chasing the crew?)
Who would probably win: King Kong

Original Screenplay
Who should win: Good night, Good luck.
Who would probably win: Crash

Okay the rest of the nominations I really don't care who wins. So, here are my predictions. Maybe they're wrong, but who cares? I plan to enjoy Jon Stewart's sarcastic comments and survive the whole Oscars speeches thingy by playing my very own "Strip Oscar".
Anyway, I'm STARVING and I'm watching Back to the Future on TV. Enough bloggin for one night.