Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Let us pray, sinners!

What would make Ms. Mysterious come back from death? What would make your humble, yet magnificent leader stop enjoying her days of leisure? Well, duh, of course these two pictures. Watching Harrison Ford, all dressed up as Indy, watching Heath Ledger being a psycho, creepy Joker, just as it should be, brings a tear to my eye. *sob*. Life's good sometimes. I'll keep on praying every night though, pray 'till I have no strength left, till they hear me all the way to the heavens... You can all join me. *ahem* Please God, don't let Spielberg pull a Lucas with Indy 4. Don't destroy my heroes once more. Amen. Oh and don't let the Joker destroy with a stupid gun the batplane. It just doesn't make sense. Give him a missile next time. Double amen.

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