Saturday, February 09, 2008

How many times can one return from the grave?

I'm not dead. At least not yet. It's been months and months since I last wrote, and to be honest, even though I didn't have much time, I made quite a difference. Does anyone even reads this? Who knows. Yet, I still don't know if I write it for myself or for the world. (I guess that if it was just for myself I would buy a diary with Hello Kitty on the cover and get done with it). Who knows why we act the way we act. Anyway, the question is, what is so important that is making me write again.
Maybe it was pride. Mr. Marshmallow was just saying that this blog was officially dead.
I hate when it's not ME who decides when something's dead or not (in this case, my blog).

Do I make any sense at all? Probably not.

ANYWAY, in short, what has made me write again? The fact that I just saw Justice League: the new frontier, and it totally kicks ass. Why? Because it's just like the comic book. Oh, if only people would learn from that. (yeah, Death of Superman made me cry- but not in a good way).

The other reason would be the new poster for James Bond's next movie: Quantum of solace. I love it. Yeah, after all these years Bond still rules.

And last, but not least, I'm way way way excited about the new Indy movie. And the teaser that will be out next week (Feb 14th). I trust Spielberg... I know he won't disappoint me. He won't destroy my hero.

Yet, it seems like a sensible idea to start building a bazooka, just in case.

Besides that, all quiet on the front. I'm still as confused and clueless about life as always, exhausted, and I often wonder if I'll even get that peace of mind which I had so long ago, when things seemed more simple.

Who knows, right? As they say, only time will tell.

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