Sunday, July 04, 2004

Fish and inventions...

Just arrived from the fish market, and let me tell you something. Nemo is dead, along with all his friends. Yummi.
Just one question, in case someone out there knows the answer. Ok, there are great scientist that work day and night to find the cure of cancer, aids, etc...Others work really really hard to find new ways to eliminate human race in less than five seconds. Others work making robots that in the end will enherit the earth. Others spend their precious time harvesting watermelons without seeds. Hey, they are nice ways to help (or destroy) humanity... Now, can you tell me, if they work so hard in doing such things, why , WHY WHYYYY can't they find a way to eliminate a simple, but an annoying COLD???!!! My nose is KILLING me, dammit!!!
Love aloe vera kleenex by the THAT is cool invention.