Sunday, July 04, 2004

Holy snacks, supper and revelations

Is 8:00 o'clock on a cold Sunday here in Sydney and I was just getting ready to watch a movie. I have everything I might need at hand: mexican candies, doritos, vanilla coke and buffalo wings. And then it comes to me. Life is GOOD. Life is SIMPLE. Then why do get this feeling from time to time that life sucks? that life is full of complications?
My worthless and evil little mind started to work (I never said it worked correctly) and I remembered a good friend of mine (who sometimes by the way, is wise) telling me how life IS indeed easy, only that we make it complicated. The reasons? maybe to end boredom, who knows... But still, I knew there was some truth in his words, but still something was missing...
And then, a couple of minutes ago, I my plush toy, Pulgoso the Mighty, gave me the answer.

Life IS complicated. But YOUR life is simple.

Does it make sense? let me explain: Life is full of things we cannot control. People's actions have repercussions in OUR lives. And most of the time, is not to improve it. It's hard for us when we finally realize and understand that we really don't have much control in what happens. That's why life is complicated. BUT (here comes the good part) We DO have control in what happens next. In our reactions to those silly little obstacles. In how we fight and we decide how stupid, annoying things will not ruin our days. That even though all that can happen, we can still remain true to ourselves.
OUR life IS easy. You DECIDE what you like, who you love. You decide if things will get you down or not. You decide if you learn and fight back, or if you give up and learn to crawl on your knees for the rest of your life. And you know what? our reactions will also affect other people's life. But this time, hopefully, it will affect in a positive way. We have a choice. We have a voice. And somebody, somewhere, might be listening.

Ok no more tylenols and margaritas for me tonight.