Sunday, October 03, 2004

Trip to a galaxy far, far away

Are you free next April? Well, in case you are, you may want to drop in the STAR WARS
, to be held in Indianapolis April 21- 24, 2005. Yeah. It's a geek convention, and I guess it's going to be worth it. Even though there's still not a real schedule, the idea is that stars and crew members of the last SIX Star Wars films will be there. Also, you'll get to see props, costumes, etc, etc. I've never been into one of these things. I only had the opportunity to go to the Smithsonian in D.C., and watch the "Magic of Myth" (I think that was the name) exhibition. And man, it was great. I got to see speeders, Han frozen in carbonite, lot's of spaceships, Yoda, Chewy and loads of stuff from the original saga. That was before the dark times. Before Episode I and II. Anyway, I'm starting to feel this will be a good moment say goodbye to an era, you know? After Episode III, that's it. There will be no more Star Wars movies. (And I guess due the common state of things, that's a good thing). No more waiting for a more sitting in the movie theater and getting excited as you see the Star Wars logo on screen with John Williams music making you shed tears of happiness. No more Obi One Kenobi. No more Yoda.
End of story.
Yeah yeah, I know about the Star Wars tv show, and the Clone Wars cartoon, but's not the same thing. Anyway, if there's anyone reading, and you've been in one of these big geek conventions
before, tell me about it. We little people of the third world countries are not so familiar with these things. How cool are they? Anyone? Mighty Pulgoso? Are you there? Educate me!
Teach me about life, beauty and truth!

*sigh* Guess I'll start singin' that eighties song, "All by myself". Again.