Friday, March 25, 2005

Advice 101 for shameful sinners

Today's advice?
- Don't waste two hours of your life. Avoid Colin Farrell's "A home at the end of the world". Yes, he's cute, but not THAT cute.
- Exercise regularly, so you can eat like a pig on your holidays. (You don't want to know how much junk food I've eaten this week)
- Experiment and listen different kinds of music. You'll get pleasant surprises discovering good not-so-renamed artists. (Yeah, I just discovered a crazy guitar player named Kaki King. Highly recommended, sinners)
- PiƱa coladas taste even better when you're playing pool with your best friend. ( It helps even more if you're winning..heh heh)
- Allow yourself to vegetate in front of the TV or to spend quality time on your bed, looking at the ceiling, thinking of nothing and everything at the same time. Oh, yeah. Pure bliss...
- If you love Fiddler on the roof like I do, STOP! Don't kill yourself when you listen to Gwen Stefani sing "If I were a rich man". She's young and inexperienced. She'll pay for her blasphemy someday.
- It's never late to learn something new. It might be hard, you may suck at it, but at least you'll have fun. (Hey, I'm trying to learn to play guitar. You never know when you're going to need to play on the subway for some spare change)
- Last but not least, treat your plush toys with respect. Someday, they'll inherit the earth.

That's it for today. G' nite people.