Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Why, God? WHY?!

Okay someone's gotta give Dave Mustaine a real problem to worry about. I was watching Metallica's documentary "Some kind of monster", and Dave Mustaine, former Metallica's guitarist, appears talking to Lars Ulrich (Metallica's drummer), complaining about how hard his life has been since he was kicked out of the band in 1983. He says his life has been hard. I agree, Metallica is one of the most important bands from our era. It has sold over 90 million records, while Megadeth (Mustaine 's band) only 15 million. Yeah, sometimes Metallica's fans give you a hard time on the street by screaming METALLICA at your face. Those bastards.
YOUR A ROCKSTAR DAMMIT!!! You're complaining even though you have 15 million records on the street? You're famous! You're a god between insects! You have fame! You have money! You love what you do! You create something! There's people that LOVE your band! You make (or at least you used to) good music. So shut the hell up! I want your pathetic life!
Really, if I see Mustaine on the street I will have a serious talk with him about his perception on life... *sigh*