Saturday, June 03, 2006

Jack is dead. Long live Jack!

Yeah yeah, I just told you that Jack dies. Hey ALIAS last episode aired on May 22nd. You had time to watch it. Even I took my time to watch the last four episodes, so I apologize (but not really). I have to admit, I enjoyed watching the end of an era. I will really miss the *idea* of Alias. It's so sad that a TV show that used to be so cool at so many different levels, turned out to be a pain to watch. Seasons one and two were awesome, while the third one was mediocre, and the fourth and fifth (we the exception of the last 2 episodes) were just a torture.

The final episode, "All the time in the world" basically wraps up all the stuff about Rambaldi, Sloane's and Spy mommy's end game. I won't say more 'cause there's no point in telling everything that happens in the last episode (although I already told you that Jack dies... hmm -ok more SPOILERS here, people) but let me tell you, don't try to make much sense about the plot. What's worth to watch is Syd and Spymommy kicking the hell out of each other, Sark just being the sexy evil Sark as he usually is, Marshall saving London and Washington from nuclear missiles, and the best of all is to watch spydaddy die, *sniff* *sob* but not after making Sloane REALLY pay for all that he's done in the process. ("You beat death, Arvin," smiles Jack. "But you couldn't beat me." )..muhahahaha! Way to go Jack!!! ( Wait. Jack's dead.. sniff)

So yeah, everyone lives happily ever after (with the exception of Jack, Sloane, Spymommy, useless character no.5 -Tom and Nadia because, they die or are buried alive for all eternity). Alias was once a good show, and that's what it shall be missed. It's good to see that they finally let it die with some dignity.
Now, let's raise our glasses for Sydney Bristow; the once coolest secret agent on TV.