Friday, June 30, 2006

Ms. Mysterious spent the night with Superman

I've been sitting here for the last 10 minutes in front of my computer, watching an empty screen, waiting for the words to come out. What can I say that can fully explain how I feel?
Remember the feeling when you first saw Episode 1? How, at least some of us, after watching it we were still pretty excited? Deep down we knew it sucked, but we were in denial and went back and watched it a couple of times more. Well, I have the same feeling right now. So, let's cut to the chase: Superman Returns was a disappointment.

Months (years?) ago when I knew what the films was going to be about, I really thought it was going to be a problem. I was confident that Bryan Singer would pull it out, though. He did it with Xmen. Twice. But I was wrong. Sort of.

This movie could have been much more, but thanks to the IDIOT plot, it's not. You have 68 years of great story telling, 68 years of mythology. There are certain things that have worked and transcended through out all these years, why changing that?!!! I know things have to evolve, but not on the first attempt after 10 years to bring back one of the most iconic characters of all time to the screen.

One of my biggest complaints it's the kid. Why the hell does Superman has a kid? (yes, I know all about bees and pollen) If it's to show how Superman is not alone, then you're missing the whole point of who Superman is. Yes, he is an alien, but still, even though he's the last one of his race he realizes that OUR world is HIS world now. He is alien as much as he is human. He is part of something that loves and that's why day after day he puts his life on the line to defend it. That's what all should be about! Why ruining it with the stuff of having a superkid, that by the way he urgently needs a haircut.
Plus, including a kid complicates things. If Lois leaves James Mardsen' s character, Superman will be a family wrecker. Plus he owes a great deal of child support to Lois. And THAT my friends, is not who Superman really is. But the hell with it. Let's move to my next complaint.

Lois Lane- Are we talking about the same feisty, brave, careless, pushy, independent, fearless daily planet reporter Lois Lane? Not a chance.
Perry White- Great Ceasars ghost! Where's the passion gone?!
Lex - I love Kevin Spacey, but still, I think his character lacked the passion, brilliance and darkness of what Luthor is. He has some great moments, but still...weak.
Martha Kent - Eva Marie Saint is brilliant as Mamma Kent, but they totally forget about her!

The music - You can't compete against John Williams classic theme. Period. Thank god they actually used it at some point in the movie.

And what's up with that terrible soap opera scene at the hospital? Totally pointless.

I could go on and on, but that would be useless. I am sad because I just saw one great character that brings hope to people being reduced to a mildly entertaining action figure.
But let's stop being so negative. Now the good things:
- I just LOOOVED the opening credits. And John William's Superman theme? WOW. I felt a chill down my spine, and tears almost rolled down my face.
- Watching Superman fly is just amazing. Most of the visual effects are just brilliant. The scene when he's saving the plane from crashing and the one when he's saving Metropolis? WOW. And when he's lifting Kitty's car? Sublime.
-Brandon Routh really impressed me as Clark Kent/ Superman. Besides having a close resemblance to Christopher Reeve, he's also able to transmit that inner power and peace that Superman is suppose to have. (Yeah, I forgive him for not having a six pack)

So yes, Superman Returns will sure give you some nice moments. But if you see it as a whole, the movie just doesn't work, and most of it because of the crappy script. I still can't believe that Bryan Singer, the man that delivered us The Usual Suspects and Xmen 1 & 2, was okay with this story.

I don't know, maybe I expected too much. (Yet I know I didn't. Not really). I really hope that if they're planning to continue with the franchise they will take more time to THINK and write a good script. Although I can't think what they will do now with a kid that has to be included on future stories. Hmm...
And in case you're wondering... Yes. I will go and watch it again. And again. Because in the end, even though if it was just for a second, Bryan Singer made me believe again a man could fly.