Sunday, June 11, 2006

Stuff of legends...

What can I say? I can't seem to find words that can describe how I feel every time I watch this show. So, let's put it this way: Doctor Who totally rocks! Mr. Marshmallow and I just watched The Satan Pit and it was just brilliant. And scary. Yes, dammit! I'm get scared pretty easily! But this episode was so brilliantly done that I can't help it. I was biting my fingernails and crushing Omnipotent Puedquito (my powerful plush pig) through all the episode.
I'm still amazed to see how much things have improved since last season. The special and visual effects, the makeup, the direction, the performances, the stories, everything has reached a totally different level since the first new series aired in 2005. I have the time of my life every time I watch a new episode.
So why am I rambling so much about this particular episode? Well, for starters The Satan Pit had a lot of scary elements that reminded me to the Alien movies; a small crew trapped in a ship in the middle of nowhere, slowly chased and killed one by one by the monster (in this case, Satan itself) and by the mind controlled Oods (the creepy thingies with the white ball in the pic). Pure, classy entertainment. On the other hand, Piper and Tennant were just absolutely fantastic as the Doctor and Rose, both saving the day as usual. Damn! I just love this show. I can't believe we're already in Episode 9. Anyway, let's enjoy while we can the rest of the season . I'll have enough time to complain later.