Friday, September 29, 2006

Ms.Mysterious smash puny humans!!

Today I had my second Hapkido grading. AND I SUCKED BIG TIME!! ARGHHHHH!!! Yeah, I'm angry. First of all because even though I'm not a goddess doing my techniques, sometimes I must admit they're not that bad. But today they SUCKED. And one of the reasons is that my partner in the exam was someone I never practice with. Besides being a white belt (believe me or not that may affect), he's also pretty elastic, which makes it more difficult to adapt the techniques. (And just for the record he's a great guy, I'm not complaining about him, I'm complaining about the fact that I HAD to do it with him).

I know what you must be thinking: If your techniques are good, they're supposed to work with everyone. I KNOW THAT. And I totally agree with that notion. At the same time... I'M a fracking yellow belt in hapkido! I'm still learning to adjust my techniques to people different sizes. I'm not doing so bad with people that's bigger than me. But put me someone my own size and Ms. Mysterious is in a lot of trouble. Damn damn damn!!!! I never train with that guy! I know sooner or later I could adapt my techniques to use them on him but not in less than 5 minutes! Not in my exam. Damn damn damn damn.
Yes, Ms. Mysterious is not happy today. Grr.