Friday, September 08, 2006

O, the joys of being a geek without a life..

Finally, something is happening in the world. Yeah, yeah, I know that things HAPPEN on every day basis, people live, die, countries are at war, pizza prices go up, but let's be honest;This blog has never been about deep thoughts, depressing problems or political stuff (although I must admit, I've had my dark moments). No, this blog is about the things that make us feel alive, things that we love, things that makes us want to jump in joy, makes us want to dance or even to kick someone's but for making stupid decisions about things that are important in life, such as movies, comics, music or TV shows.

Anyway, our favorite shows are coming back soon, so today let's start with Battlestar Galactica, that even though the third season starts 'till October 6th, we have the weekly webisodes, to prepare us to what it could be the best season yet (I'll keep my fingers crossed). Go here to watch webisodes 1 and 2.

So what else is coming our way? If you like watching characters that are cool bastards, HOUSE(season 3) started this week. Smallville (season 6) is coming on September 28th. It will be interesting to watch where the show is going, plus, I can't wait to see Ollie's portrayal. (They better make it right, dammit!). JJ Abrams' Lost, will be back on September 27th. Will history repeat itself? Will this be the beginning of the end of a good show, just like it happened with ALIAS?

Anyway, enough ranting for the day. Ms. Mysterious is tired and needs to get some rest in order to be strong and healthy to watch all these shows. (And I'm not including Doctor Who, 'cause it's still a little bit far away... *sniff*)

So good luck, sinners. Start making your bets. Which shows do you think that will suck this season, and which shows do you think will survive the test of time and geekness?
We'll see..