Sunday, December 31, 2006

Thanks for the music...

I've reached a conclusion: Life is much better when it has a soundtrack. Music keeps you company in both the good and bad times. This year, lots of albums helped me survive. But don't worry, since I'm too lazy I'll just tell you my top 4 (no order in particular):

Muse- Black Holes and Revelations
My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade
David Gilmour - On an island
Wolfmother - Wolfmother
Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam

Why these albums? They just reached me in the way I need to be reached at the moment. They filled my soul. Period. And why top 5 and not top 10? Well... If I did 10, I would keep on going with 20, or 30. There were so many good albums, so many songs that just get to you at the right moment. The Kooks (inside in/inside out), Keane (under the iron sea), The Strokes (first impressions of earth), Arctic Monkeys (whatever people say I am..), Gnarls Barkley (st. elsewhere), The Killers (Sam's town), John Mayer (continuum) and so on...
I can't wait to keep discovering new artists, new music, at the same time I go back and listen again and again to legends such as Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck, Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd... The list is endless.
Anyway, as I said before life tastes so much better with the music. Hail to all of you, oh musical gods and sinners! For remembering us that life must be lived with one thing above all:

Sweet dreams, sinners. Ms. Mysterious' time to go to bed...

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