Saturday, June 02, 2007

Stuck in the seventies? Like Super suits? Love Timelords? It's all here!

Hmm... Got some time to spare? Dying to see some videos from the upcoming Iron Man flick? Well, here you have them. No, you won't see Iron Man flying, or closeups of Downey in the suit, or anything particularly interesting... But it's better than nothing. You get to see the helmet up close though.. and it looks PREEETTY COOL.

So, what have I been up to this weekend? Not much... YET. Tomorrow in the afternoon I'll be helping out in a short film, here in Kangarooland. I'll be a gaffer. No, I have no idea exactly what I'll do. So, if you happen to see the news and you find there was a fire, due to an electrical problem while students filmed a short in Brisbane, Australia, think of yours truly. Oh yeah... it's going to be quite an experience hehe =)

WHOA! I just realized something. I won't be able to watch Doctor Who tomorrow night!!!!!!!! DAAAAAAAAAAAMN IT!!! For those of you, innocent creatures who haven't tasted the pleasures of life, Doctor Who is THE sci fi show. Cheesy, kind of stupid sometimes, but a hell of a ride. I could live watching that, TORCHWOOD and Life on Mars for the rest of my life. (ok, maybe not THE rest of my life, but you get the idea.) God bless the BBC!!!

Enough with the useless ranting now. See ya later, sinners.