Thursday, August 12, 2004

A bat and a priest enter a bar...

OOOOh I love cartoons, don't you? they can be so pure, so unique, so... *sigh* ok I LIKE to see CUTE superheros without shirts. Hey it's not a crime! and it's not my fault! they just make them so damn cute. I was really sad when Batman animated ended. Thank god it's now on dvd! buy them people, buy them! use your capitalist power and enjoy for a change! (you could also invite me to watch them) Anyway I think it is one of the best cartoons ever. Good plots, good animation, great voice performances. Hey, I still can't believe that our Lord and guide Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill, makes the Joker's voice. It's really creepy and beautiful at the same time...ooooh the madness!
Well, those were great times. We had those series. We have movies like the Mask of the Phantasm, Batman and Mr. Freeze- Subzero, and all those great memories of a guy in a cape,
fighting crime in a cursed city, dear Gotham.
But rejoice once again sinners! Batman is coming back. Yeah yeah, I've talked already about the
movie. Yeah yeah, is still one year to go. But...we'll have something else to set the mood:
THE BATMAN cartoon.
Oh yeah more crime fighting. Big Bat kicking puny humans. One more reason to live for. And it's just a couple of weeks away. On september 11, the Bat will rise again.Rumor is that this cartoon is quite different from the last animated series. If it's at least half as good as it's predecesor, I can live with it. At least till they make it better, or Ms. BatMisterious will get mad and will batkick their filthy little bodies.
The Batman is coming... be prepared.