Monday, August 09, 2004

Hunting season!!!

Keeping with our political mood...I admit it. It brought a smile to my pathetic little life. Check this video. Swear to god is funny. And maybe you can learn the lyrics and sing with me! yehaaa! all together now!!

Aaaand...we also have a educational video game. No one like Mr. T, Fat and unemployed He- man and Hulk Hogan to give us a class about politics. Join them in their fight against evil President B. and ....VOLTRON!!!!
( is indeed educational, but fun)

Join me in this rare and unique political aware that I'm living! Tomorrow I might not care anymore! Life is easier when you don't care at all! it? - at least for you that you won't have to read my stupid pseudo political posts! Anyway, you can always pretend you have short term memory...hehe works for me ;)