Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Black and white memories are now in color

Saw Schindler's List two nights ago. After more than ten years I finally built up courage to see it again. Sorry, is one of those movies you just have to see at least once in your life. And hopefully, every person that sees it will realize how we cannot let this happen again. Yet it still happens. Every day. People are judged, discriminated, out of race, religion, creed or just looks. We are so insignificant, human beings. So fragile. We give so many things for granted, like the ability to eat everytime we want, being with the people that you love. Being able to go wherever you like. We give for granted PEACE. Life's unpredictable my friends. And short. Of that I complain a lot. Why would God want us to live so limited lives? He has a sense of humor, that I know (as Kevin Smith pointed out in Dogma, just look at the platypus). But to be honest, sometimes I don't like God's sense of humor. Short, limited, fragile lives...hmmm. Exciting maybe, but not funny. At all.

Anyway, excellent movie in every sense. Direction, performances, cinematography, music, screenplay. Everything. I'm not going to make a review. You have seen this movie. If not, rent it right now. In the end just ask yourselves how it made you feel. If it made you think about the world, about your actions, how we cannot let this happen again. If it made you realize how some of your problems are insignificant, and that the only thing that matters is that you are alive. That you get to live another day. That you are free. If it made you feel and think all this, then you'll know this movie's objective has been reached. And that your time has not been wasted.

And yes, you can stand up against my boring, corny and useless post. It is your right. But today, YOU cannot stop me!! I AM MS. CORNY!!!!. Long live freedom of speech!