Friday, July 30, 2004

God will punish me if I complain today

My mind has been wondering of what can I tell you about comics. I' ve talked about the guys that I love, like Superman, Batman and Spiderman... I've talked about the atrocities in the world, the powers that tempt to mengle and destroy with great things such as Fantastic Four, Green Lantern and Catwoman. And today, that I really don't feel much like complaining about anything, I feel I should say a couple of good things about the world :
Ok, I take it back. I COULD complain about a great number of things, such as why things that are absolutely delicious such as pizza, ice cream and chocolate (in any form and shape), make us look like killer whales, and why humans are so fragile that we get sick, and why we don't have superpowers so we canuse our x-ray vision to... ok I'll leave it to your imagination. But ok. I'll control myself. At least for the next hour.

I've been Down Under for the last six weeks, visiting my muse, my dear and loved plush toy The Mighty Pulgoso, who happens to live with my boyfriend. This guy was the one that re-introduced me to comic books (I used to read my mom old superman issues when I was a kid. No, she doesn't read them anymore. She's been in denial for the last 30 years- sad but true) And thank god for this vacations because I've been able to catch up with my reading. And you know what? it feels SO good to know there are really good stories out there.
However, I warn you. Whatever I might say, might be kind of obsolete for those of you who live in first world countries, with the ability of getting comic books anytime your heart desires. Because let me tell you, that living in a third world country where it's basically impossible to buy any comic books at all, sucks.
So here I am, preparing myself to leave in a week, with a whole shipment of trades just for me, ready to carry them in my (more or less) 28 hour journey in planes and airports, to my hometown, which will call NUMB TOWN. No action there, no comics, no concerts, no decent museums, no great architecture...but still, I guess good (selected) people make it worth while.
So, before I leave to hell, I'll tell you what I've read lately. (And yes, if you haven't read any of this, consider my words as divine and buy those trades right now)

I read a couple of months ago POINT BLANK (by Ed Brubaker and Colin Wilson), which is kind of an introduction for this other comic I'll talk you about, but truth to be told, I had no idea what was coming. SLEEPER is by far one of the most interesting comic books I've read in a while. Written by Ed Brubaker and art by Sean Phillips, it's basically the story about a guy named Holden Carver, and agent in a secret and powerful organization lead by Tao, a guy you wouldn't want to have an argument with. But the thing is, that Carver is also a sleeper agent, working undercover, with only agent Lynch to confirm to the world that he is one of the good guys. The thing is that Lynch's been in a coma for quite some time now.So basically Carver is in limbo, he's not even sure where he stands, just trying to survive every day, convincing both sides of his identity. In regards of the action, this comic book for me is a combination of a james bond movie, with superpowers involved ,(but with a REALLY good plot); but is also a dark drama, of a guy stuck in the middle of two worlds, trying to remain true to himself. The world in this comic is not black and white, is grey, and the lines of what's right and wrong slowly fade as you turn every page. Really, is an addictive comic. And by the way, two words: MISS MISERY. She is a goddess. Creepy, insane... just got to love her.

So that's it. Buy the comic. Now. Did I told you that I CAN SEE YOU? that I KNOW every move you make? every breath you take? I'll be watching you. even sounds like a song!
I might have a future in the music bussiness! So.. read good stuff filthy sinners! Read!!!
And remember...The Misterious Woman knows!!!