Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Ms. Mysterious - computer impaired

Hate..com...pu...ters!!! AARRGHHHHRRR!!!! I admit that I'm a girl from other era, that computers are definitely NOT my thing. I'm not an expert, and I truly believe that my computer sometimes gets bored and decides to conspire against me. AARHHGG!! I've been trying to install an MBox in my computer. Anyone knows anything about it? It just tells me that it doesn't detect the hardware, which is a LIE, because the system clearly tells me when a new hardware has been found. Also, as I'm trying to run the program, it tells me to install it AGAIN (A friend of mine did it yesterday for me) and I try to do it and tells me that Microsoft strongly recommends not to continue with the installation because it will cause problems to my system in the future...*SIGH*SINNERS! HELP!!! As Pink Floyd said..Hello? Is there anybody out there?WAHHhh!! The pain! The loneliness!!