Sunday, October 03, 2004

Twenty- six going on thirty

I don't know it has something to do with our culture, of if it happens to everyone, but when you're about to reach thirty, you start feeling like you should get worried because you're supposed to be all grown up and responsible now. Yes, I'll be 27 in 24 days. Yes, I know that I'm still a couple of years away from being thirty, but I guess it's a good moment to look back in your life and check if you have really screwed it up a lot.Some days I must admit, I get the feeling I've done so little. Maybe it's the fact that by 21 I wanted to be someone like James Bond or
Luke Skywalker (you know, someone powerful with abilities to save the galaxy over and over again). Anyway, this last week, without knowing, I started my own revindication program. Maybe my subconscious told me what I needed to do. Maybe, I wanted to make an investigation on how, even though time passes by, and mistakes are made, it's never too late to do the things you always wanted to do.
So I tried to contact Hugh Hefner to see if he wanted to adopt me and give me all his fortune, so I can have my own mansion and fill it with cute guys. But that didn't work. So, I decided to go back to basics. (Ok actually it was a friend's idea) Yeah. Learn to SKATEBOARD. So there we were, my partner in crime and I, searching for a deeper meaning in life (such as discovering a way of not having to work for the rest of our days) , with our skateboards, in an unfamiliar place, full of ramps and with the only promise of painful moments on the floor.Gladly, things weren't as dark as we thought, and there was no blood shed. We realize that's not so hard to do the ollie if you're holding on to something, but that it's almost impossible to do it while you're moving. I personally also got to the conclusion that I can be extremely happy just being able to move around on a skateboard. No tricks needed. Tricks are a vanity I can live without. Anyway, I'll keep on practicing the ollie (basic jump) and the manual (to stupidly try to move using only two wheels)..and if I get a chance to use some ramps, what the hell. Life's too short. So I guess that the thing I learned this weekend is no matter how old and rusted you are, you can still go back in time and do the things you always wanted to do. Hey, maybe you won't get to be a pro anymore, but you will have fun for sure. I also borrowed an electric guitar and I'm trying to learn something. Anything. You know, in case I find myself in the necessity of playing in the subway for some spare change. (There are worst jobs, I can assure you) Anyway, it's been an interesting weekend. There's still hope for this old mysterious lady.