Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Comfortably numb

Ms. Mysterious reporting from her HQ's in Numbtown. This week I'm in love with two men. One is my honey bunny Mr. Marshmallow, and the other one...David Gilmour. (If I say that I love everyone at Pink Floyd it would be too much. I'll start with just one at a time). It's only Tuesday, but I've been working a lot at home. And what did I do to make my life considerably less miserable? Well, I fed Ipod-E2 (Yes, that's my Ipod's name, show some respect) with all Pink Floyd's albums. Hours and hours of absolute bliss and magic. These guys truly are GODS. THIS is music. And yes, I have a plan for this weekend. I will go to my room, light some candles, lie down on the floor and play their CD's over and over again. Oh, yes. Life can be so beautiful and simple sometimes...

P.S. Yes, that's Gilmour 30 pounds ago :) Posted by Hello