Saturday, March 26, 2005

Read this post you must!

Where can I begin? A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a great trilogy named Star Wars. It changed a lot of people; The way the saw life, the way the lived their lives. Everything was perfect.
Years went by and one day George Lucas, the guy that used to be the hero, almost destroyed this perfect universe which he had constructed more than twenty years ago. He made Episodes I and II, and everything that was good and pure almost disappears. But then, a miracle happened: Clone Wars cartoon.

Yeah, I'm dramatic, what can I say? Here's the thing. YOU GOT TO SEE CLONE WARS. Period. This week cartoon network aired chapters 21 - 25, and instead of the lousy 2 minutes that Lucas gave us last seasons, we have five chapters of twelve minutes each. I won't spoil you everything by telling you what happens. Two things I'll tell you though: One, you'll be REALLY mad because you'll want more episodes, and two:
JEDIS truly were GODS.
Finally we get to see Jedis, fighting and using all of their power. They are NOT the weak pseudo guardians of the galaxy Lucas showed us in Episode II. No, no, this guys are for real. Honorable. Powerful. Lethal.
Now we finally believe that Anakin was the chosen one. We see why Yoda was the Master. And, yes, we get to be happy and depressed at the same time when we realize that we were born in the wrong galaxy at the wrong time.
Well, I guess it's chocolate time for Ms. Mysterious... I wonder if I can use the force to make my sister prepare me a banana split...Hmmm...
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