Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Who said the first time is always better?

Noon, on a working day, watching Star Wars: Episode 3 for the second time. The movie theater is basically empty. There are only five of us watching the movie; but it feels they're showing it just for you. There, in the darkness, you watch again the opening credits as you hear John Williams spectacular music on the background. It feels like if it was the first time. It always feels that way.
Life's good.

I took my parents to watch Episode 3( Yeah, it was one of those generational "bonding moments"). Now, I got a confession to make. Even though I complained quite a bit about the movie the first time I saw it, this second time was different. For a couple of moments I could feel what had been missing; The mysticism. Yoda's words of wisdom reached me. I felt again the connection with the Jedis and to what they believe. I felt despair when I saw the Republic falling to pieces. I grieved when the Jedis were being killed.
I just remembered that when I was a kid I prayed and hoped that Obi Wan would come for me and take me to far away places, where I would learn the ways of the force. I guess something woke up in me that made me want it again. Crazy, you might think. It is.... Almost impossible. (hey, I like to think that nothing is impossible. Improbable, maybe. Never impossible) . Anyway, it's great to feel again :)

And tomorrow: Episode 3. IMAX.

Oh, yeah.