Monday, May 16, 2005

Eurotrip 2005- Ms. Mysterious gets lost

Got a ticket to Europe!! WHEEEEE!!! Soon, the adventure will start.... Ms. Mysterious will be lost, hungry, filthy and poor. But alas! She'll survive.
Places I'll visit? London, where I hope I'll find the Doctor and the Tardis; Paris, where I'll eat a delicious, warm hot dog while I sit on the gardens of Champs Elisees; Salzburg where the Sound of music tour awaits for me; Vienna...Where I'll take a cup of coffee sitting on the same places where artists created their famous works; Venezia where the smell of sewers will fill my lungs... Rome, Florence, Lucerne, Barcelona... So many places, so little time. It will be like Epcot Center all over again :)

The only thing that really bothers me? (I mean besides all the things that can go wrong on a trip) Not being able to go with my Marshmallow man. It really sucks not being able to share something 100% with someone you love. Anyway... Life's not perfect. Yet.