Sunday, July 03, 2005

Music makes the people come together

Back from Europe. Back to Numbtown. Actually, this time is not so bad. My three weeks backpacking Europe were interesting, but a real marathon. Looking for hostels, trying to get to know as much as I could from every city in just a couple of days, the heat, eating granola bars, bread and water most of the time ends up being hell. A nice hell, though.

Traveling alone is a great experience...Most of the time. You get to do whatever you want, yet sometimes you just want someone to rely on. Yeah, you meet people on the road, but it's not the same. To be honest, you have so much free time with yourself that you can't avoid thinking too much about life. About who you are and where your going. About the things you haven't done. Of the mistakes of the past and of the present.
I could go on and on since my mind is still full of confusion and questions...But not tonight. Tonight I'll just say this:


I've been watching ALL day long LIVE 8. I wanted to be there, in London. I WAS in Europe 3 days ago. So close, yet so far away... I've been a potato couch since 6:30 am that I woke up. I've done nothing but watch TV and jump in my seat everytime a great band was on stage.
I love the idea of big concerts with a mission. This time, the mission was justice. To end poverty. To apply pressure on politicians and make them help third world countries, mainly Africa.

Really, I love the idea. Hey, I even signed the Live 8 list. Now, I don't want to be the negative person here but I wonder... How can a concert make a difference? How can a politician feel the pressure and change his agenda? I don't know, I think that what Live 8 IS really doing is creating awareness. It makes us open our eyes and our hearts. It makes us forget about ourselves and our pety problems and focus on the big picture. We're all part of the same world and we're members of the human race. We cannot go with our lives without caring about each other. Besides, everything affects us sooner or later.

There are a lot of things to say, but for the time being I'll just say that it was hell of a concert. The best performances were definitely in London; Sting, Paul McCartney, Velvet Revolver, Robbie Williams, Elton John, Madonna, Pink Floyd, Travis, Stereophonics, George Michael, Coldplay, Keane, Snow patrol, REM, the killers, Annie Lennox, Dido, Joss Stone....and many more. God, I REALLY wish I could have been there. Even from TV you could feel the energy.
For me, the best moments were watching Pink Floyd reunited and Paul McCartney end the show with "Hey Jude", as all the artists got together on stage and sang along with the public. Just...Sublime.

After 9 hours in a row watching these concerts I gotta thank Bob Geldof, for giving me something to believe in today. Yup, it was just one of those days... I felt empty. Meaningless. Now I feel much better. I've seen what people with dreams and determination can do. I've seen that there are still good people, trying to make this world a better place to live. I guess the message is that we cannot give in. We have to keep on fighting. There are a lot of things worth fighting for. We CAN make a difference. There's still hope for everyone I guess. Even for me.

I shall go now, expect more ranting soon. Yes, Ms. Mysterious is back.