Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Au revoir Mrs. Robinson

I'm not a person that laughs easily. If you tell me a joke, I'll smile, but just to be polite. If you invite me to watch an Adam Sandler movie, with jokes about farts and bad language, I will fall asleep. There are just a couple of guys that can make me laugh, and one of them is Mel Brooks.
The first comedy movie I remember I watching as a kid and that REALLY made me laugh was Brook's "To be or not to be", a comedy about a polish theater company caught in the middle of WWII.
That was the first time I ever saw Anne Bancroft.
She was not the typical helpless woman. She had brains. She influenced a whole generation of women. (Hey, who can ever forget Mrs. Robinson?...Oh yes. My role model :) )
I must admit I haven't seen all of her movies. Maybe six or seven of them, but it's impossible not to enjoy every second of her on the screen. She had class. Energy. She could make you laugh and cry. (Just remember 84 Charing Cross road with Anthony Hopkins. How romantic is that?)

Anne Bancroft died at age 73, victim of cancer. Long live Mrs. Bancroft!
Now go and watch her movies.