Saturday, June 04, 2005

Call me Ms. Jinx

Friday night, Numbtown- Ms. Mysterious and lethal Zdex went to the movies to watch Hitchiker's guide to the galaxy. The movie started and for a moment I thought that my English listening skills had improved by a 100%. I understood everything on the movie just as if they were talking in Spanish...
Wait a minute. THEY WERE talking in Spanish! The bastards dubbed it! Who the hell had that wonderful idea?
I can live with subtitles. As a matter of fact, I prefer watching the movie with subtitles or close caption the first time I see it. But dubbing is another story. It's a total abomination to change the original language of a movie. It's a sin. Period. The jokes, the cursing, a lot of things change and are lost in the dubbing.But okay. It's Numbtown. It's understandable. Annoying, yet understandable. (On the other hand if I ever meet with God, he'll have to explain me why in first world countries such as Italy or Spain they dub EVERY movie)

So, Ms. Mysterious and lethal (and now angry) Zdex cried and cursed to the skies when they heard Hitchiker's narrator in Spanish.
Then, it got worst.
Subtitles were also part of the movie. Yes, half of the movie was in Spanish, while the other half remained in English. What the ....!!??!@*#&*#. Hell...Only in Numbtown...

We decided that burning the movie theater was not a good option at the moment (we didn't have our flamethrowers with us), so we watched Bruce Willis's Hostage instead. Sort of. The movie was about to begin when the film just...Burned. It was Cinema Paradiso all over again. I was just waiting for the flames to reach the room to start walking over everyone's head on my way to the exit, but thanks to modern science we didn't die. There was no big fire. No adventure. Just...Waiting.
After a few minutes the movie finally started ... Not too exciting...Not extremely boring... Just, predictable.... Forty minutes later the movie stops. The lights were on. We reached the conclusion that we're jinxed.

So, if you see me on the street, avoid me. I might be dangerous to your health.
That's all for now.