Monday, July 04, 2005

See ya later doc! (Yes, it's old news but what the hell)

Okay, a couple of weeks later but here I am. I have to say it. I have to get it out of my system. I have to mourn....THE DOCTOR.
I was in Europe by the time the last episode aired so I finally got to see it two days ago. It was so great and so sad at the same time. Sue me! I fell totally in love with Christopher Eccleston.
First of all you got to understand that HE is/was my first Doctor. Thanks to his intensity and amusing way he portrayed the character I stayed and watched. And boy, was it worth it.

As I said before, the last episode was excellent. Great moments filled the screen such as Jack saying goodbye to Rose and the doctor; The doctor sending Rose back to earth; Rose fighting to get back to save the Doctor and almost giving her life in the process; The kiss (!!) between the doctor and Rose...WOW... Just...Perfect.. And the final goodbye... Yes, they were both absolutely fantastic. And hell, I'm really going to miss them.

Some might complain that sometimes you've got silly stories and cheesy special effects. But that didn't matter because invariably in EVERY episode you have that special moment, a great monologue by the Doctor that blows your mind and moves your soul. One of the things that are so great about him is that in the end, he encourages everyone to be a better version of themselves. To never give up. To fight for what's right and just. He's not a perfect hero, oh no. But he's an honest one. He helps others because is the right thing to do. And that's really inspiring in a world where we've forgotten how to think beyond ourselves.

And yes, about David Tennant...I've heard that he's great, and sure, I'll watch the next season. But for me, Eccleston will always be THE Doctor (I know I'll be crucified for saying this). Dammit, he shall be missed. Long live the Doctor!!

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