Saturday, September 24, 2005

In this issue!

Well, we're supposed to be a comics-related blog, so, some reviews of comics that everyone has previously reviewed. But I still feel the need to earn my comicbookblogger credentials, and as such I must review something. So without further ado...

Birds of prey 86. I must say that I'm a recent convert to Gail Simone's writing, but I must clarify that I'm a recent convert, not because I thought that she wasn't very good, which wasn't the case, but because of the fact that I hadn't read anything by her. This changed when I managed to get my hands on the Rose & Thorn miniseries, which I just loved. I found the writing to be sharp and crisp, and I decided to give Gail's writing a further try. I must say, that I'm now officially a fan. So, combine Gail's writing with art by three great artists (Amanda Melo, from the previously mentioned mini, Bruce Timm... yes, that Bruce Timm, and David Lopez, formerly of Fallen Angel fame) and well, what is there to say. While the story was obviously meant to be a bit of a breather, in that last issue's big, big thing wasn't touched upon, a great many things happened character wise that advanced the ongoing relationships in the book. An of course, now, they finally are a team! It only took them 86 issues and a couple of minis to finally have themselves declared "The Birds of Prey" Something which I Thought was kinda cute and cool. Still, I'll be eagerly awaiting the next issue. Love this title.

New Avengers #10. What? huh? riiight... I thought that this was meant to be an Avengers book, not an x-men book. Now if you needed a crossover of epic proportions to solve this, then fine, hey, I'm cool with that, but if you are going to do that, then please, please, write the characters well. If your issue depends on one character, and that character is Emma Frost then write her dialogue well. .. sorry, but I'm afraid that Emma Frost's dialogue rang false all throughout the issue. I guess that she's really a tough character to write now, as I've felt that she hasn't been handled well at all since Morrison revamped her.

Day of Vengeance #6. So the first one's done, question is, did we need 6 issues of this? nope. I'm sorry, but we did not. And if Captain Marvel and the Wizard have been neutralized, then how on earth is Black Adam keeping his powers? Don't they come from the same place? i.e. the Wizard? So-so series for me, but I must admit that this was a fun issue. And I liked the Black Alice character, specially her reaction of wanting to go home. It felt real somehow.

And now, before the Omac Project kills somebody else... this weeks featured comic book is....
Justice League International #8 Moving Day! I've recently started to read some back issues of JLI, and got my hands on this one. I have to say that I just loved this issue. It made me laugh, hard. It's amazing to see how different the characters are currently being handled compared to these versions. I mean, this cannot possibly be the same Batman. Our current Batman is a screwed up motherjumper. The JLI Batman? meh.. kinda nice guy, almost tolerable. Let's face it, the JLI Batman managed to work with Guy Gardner for 4 issues before clocking him (one punch, bwa ha ha ha ha). The JLI Batman accepted Booster Gold. lemme repeat that, the JLI Batman ACCEPTED Booster Gold.
Anyway, on this issue, the Justice League has been granted international status by the U.N. and start moving unto their new embassies. We learn of the Martian Manhunter's oreo fetishism, Booster's lack of moves with the ladies (and what was the probable beginning of the blue and gold friendship ) , and the fact that apparently Captain Atom is a fine building repairman (and a quick worker too!). Anyhow, I think that DC should publish these as digests. I'd buy'em.

Hmm... maybe that could be a new feature around here. Comic series that should be digests....