Sunday, September 11, 2005

Austin City Limits, here I come!!!!!

It's official! On September 25th I'll be jumping and singing songs of The Bravery, Kaiser Chiefs, The Decemberists, Wilco, Franz Ferdinand and one of the best bands of the last couple of years: COLDPLAY. I just love those guys. First of all, they're British. (I'm a sucker for guys with interesting accent). Second, even though I'm an idiot learning how to play instruments I can play fragments of their songs, which makes me feel a total rockstar. And last, but most important even though their songs are not musical masterpieces, man! Can they reach your soul or what!

Don't you have a list of things that you have to do before you die? Well, I have one (in my head at least) and in two weeks I'll be able to say that I did two of those things: Go to a massive music festival and watch one of my favorite bands, Coldplay.
Oh yes!!!!! I can die after that.