Thursday, March 30, 2006

Yes, it's a miracle! SHE reads!

It's a rainy Friday afternoon, and I'll finally get a break from another tough and busy week of unemployment. Tonight, I'll go to the city, buy a delicious sesame milk tea with pearls and sit in front of the biggest screen in town, to watch V for Vendetta. Yes, weeks later, it finally arrives to Kangarooland. Can't wait to see what they've done with the story. V was one of the first series I read when I was reintroduced to comics, and I just fell in love with it. Yes, Alan Moore's a god. You may bow before him, I won't get jealous. But don't worry, you'll read my humble review later.

So let's focus on me again. What does an unemployed girl does besides looking for job? Well, that's easy: Read all the comics she's been missing in the last months. Here are my favorite ones:

Y: The last man (24 -31). Yorick's still hangin' out with the girls, amazons are still annoying as hell, and it seems that we finally know why the hell Yorick is the only man that survived. Everytime I read Y I just get lost and sucked into that doom world. I just love it, and I have no idea how they will end the series. Will everything go back to normal? Will Yorick die? Will he take charge and repopulate earth? No bloody clue.

One Year Later- What the hell happened one year before?! Yes, I know it's part of the idea, but still, damn them. Great selling idea though.

Superman 650 - What the hell happened to his powers? Love the scene when you think that he's about to change into Superman and... Sends a signal to Supergirl. Niiiice.
Robin 148 - He's Robin! He's cool. Plus that conversation with Batman... Whoaa. What's up with Batman saying things like "we're family". Niiiice, and weird. Which brings me to...
Catwoman 053 - This issue has the perfect Batman scene for those who have a crush on him (yeah, just like me) Batman giving a teddy bear to Selina's kid? Soooo cute. But who's the father?. Yeah, they got me.
Batman 651 and Detective Comics 817- To be honest the only thing I really liked was that Gordon's back and that perfect scene when he turns on the Bat signal and everyone in the city just goes crazy. Perfect moment.
Nightwing 118 is pretty cool. Although they spoil everything in the last last page telling you who the other Nightwing is. *sigh*
And finally.. Green Arrow 060- Hey is Ollie. He's sexy. What's not to love?

By the way, Hawkgirl 050 sucks.

Oh, and if you haven't read Superman- Shazam: First thunder, do it now. Excellent (sad that the damn thing is too short), but it is one of those comics that will make you feel a little bit better knowing that Superman's around.

YES , I know he's not real.. *sniff* .. . but admit it. You'd feel better if he was.