Sunday, April 16, 2006

To life!

Perchik: Money is the world's curse.
Tevye: May the Lord smite me with it. And may I never recover

Don't you just love how movie quotes become part of your life? Oh, the magic! The wisdom!
So, you'll never guess what play I went to see this afternoon. I'll give you a hint. It involves a fiddler, and he's on a roof most of the time.
*BUUUUZZZ!* Yes, my dear sinner! Your answer is correct! I went to see Fiddler on the Roof! But wait, that's not all! Guess who was playing Tevye? *BUUUUZZZZ!* Yes, Topol is the correct answer!(2 points for you, well done)
But let's rewind a little bit. For those of you who have no idea what I'm taking about, run to the nearest video store and rent the 1971's movie Fiddler on the Roof, directed by Norman Jewison, winner of 3 Oscars back in 1972, for best cinematography, best sound and Best Music, Scoring Adaptation and Original Song Score, by no other than god John Williams. The story is about a Jewish milk man and how he copes with his family, his traditions and the constant changes in the world. Or something like that. Damn it just watch it.

And what about the play I went to see? Excellent. 30 years later, Topol still sings, dances and acts like when he first did the movie. The rest of the cast do a great job also, especially recreating dancing sequences such as the one of the bar (To life) and the one in Tzeitel's wedding (The bottle dance - those guys are just hypnotizing). I tell you, it was a great experience, even though there are no surprises for someone who has seen this movie like 40 times and that knows all the dialogues and songs by heart (and by someone I mean mainly myself).

I can't complain, it was a great day (I also went to the spa. Mr. Marshmallow invited me. Hollowed be thy name!). I know, the whole spa- theatre thing sounds way too posh and aristocratic. Hey, a girl can have a couple of days like that from time to time, don't you think? I need to relieve the tensions of my unemployed life *sniff*

To life, sinners! Sleep tight.