Friday, April 14, 2006

Where have all the cowboys gone?

There was a time back in Numbtown when I basically stopped reading comics. Why? No money, no trips to the USA, no place to buy them. (I'm sorry but I think is a blasphemy to read them in another language that the one they were originally written in). Anyway, since I arrived to Kangarooland, I've been able to finally catch up with some of my favorite series. That means that I'm reading old issues and you're going to hear me praise and complain about some of them. I apologize, but sometimes I just can't keep my mouth shut. So here we go:

A couple of nights ago I ask Mr. Marshmallow which superhero would he have an affair with. His answer was Wonder Woman and Black Canary for a one night stand, and for a long term relationship, Barbara Gordon. Then he asked me who would I choose. Who? No others than Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen. They are cute. They are sexy. They can kick your @#&. Plus they're both millionaires (most of the time).
So I remembered that I haven't been able to read some of Green Arrow's last year issues. I loved Kevin Smith and Brad Meltzer's stories. Then came Judd Winnick, and some of them were still pretty cool. In all of those issues art by Phil Hester was just perfect. Just what those stories needed.
Imagine my shock when I saw in issue 46 that a guy Tom Fowler took over.
Sinners, there's no way that guy was a good option to draw GA! His art is not bad, but only if he's drawing for MAD MAGAZINE! My eyes bled every single page that I had to watch what he did to Ollie, Mia, Connor and Roy. I almost stopped reading. Really.
Praise the loooord because we now have Scott McDaniel.
Now, I just want someone to explain to me what the hell happened in that year. *sigh*

I guess there's nothing I can do, but wait. Until then I will keep on thinking which superhero would be the greatest one night stand.. Hmm. Tough job, I know, but someone has to do it. Don't worry about me, I have a lot time to kill. I know it's a dumb question, but really.. who would you chose?