Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Why? WHYYY!!? *sob* 106 days ...

Yes, I'm still mourning the "death" of Rose. No more Doctor and Rose, sinners... *sob*. And sadly I don't have much time today to cry about it and rant hopelessly on this blog, but I bumped into this post in agblog, which I found very interesting. I don't agree with everything but there are certain things that reaaally made me think..
If series one was about finding your way, about growing and becoming your own person, about discovering the wonders of life and charting your own path and all that, series two is almost about going backwards, about being a kid again, about reliving your old fantasy life with your dad alive and your happy little home and success and money and all those things you realized with the Doctor that you never really needed, that you can accept people for who they are and things for what they are and you can have back that past that you didn’t really want to begin with.

Hmm... There's something to think.. (or a way to get even more depressed of how things ended. Or changed. Or whatever) On the other hand, I have something less profound to rant about. Have you realized that Rose and the Doctor can't be together, and the world almost goes to hell because of.. MICKEY THE IDIOT?? Yes! He is the one that opens the ark!

*sigh* I'll try not to dwell on it. Anyway, just 106 days for The Christmas special *sob*, but before that we'll get Torchwood with John Borrowman. That could be interesting. And yes, they have an official site now, of an organization that doesn't exist.... and no, sorry to dissapoint you but there's nothing to see (at least not yet).
Damn.. I can't get my thoughts straight.. I can't help it! I can't stop thinking about... how MICKEY THE IDIOT SCREWED EVERYTHING (yeah, yeah, and Billie Piper didn't want to be on the series anymore, and it's just a show, but humor me. I'm talking about a stupid character, people. Let me curse him at least one last time)
DAMN YOU MICKEY!. (yes, I always hated him, can you tell?)

*Ms. Mysterious takes a deep breath* Now, that was therapeutic =)