Sunday, February 11, 2007

All hail the big red cheese!

How wickedly cool was this comic? Shazam! - The Monster Society of Evil by Bone creator Jeff Smith is exactly what the character deserves. Since everyone and their imaginary friend has already written about how good this comic was, that and the missus hasn't read it yet, I will refrain from spoiling this issue. But do yourselves a favor and read it... The artwork is light and fantastic, while feeling magical as well as just a little bit creepy, not too much though, just enough to make it really enjoyable. I'm babling I know... :)

So if Warner Bros does decide to get off it's butt and actually make a Shazam movie, this is the comic that they should be looking at, not, the really, terrible, awful, and so far, not fun at all, Trials of Shazam, which, I hope, disapears from the face of the earth as soon as it is finished, and we get someone like oh, say... Kurt Busiek to retcon the whole thing away.

So, to summarize:
Shazam! - The Monster Society of Evil : AWESOME
Trials of Shazam: AWFUL

p.s. I promise to fix the blog soon :)

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