Monday, January 22, 2007

Ms. Mysterious' day out

Tuesday morning and Ms. Mysterious is still sore after spending a day under the unforgiving Aussie sun, jumping and shouting and singing with all her might. Yup, I'm talking about the Big Day Out Festival, that took place in the Gold Coast this last Sunday.
What can I say? It was awesome and terrible at the same time. I'm not an expert on music festivals, but I'll compare this one to my previous experience, year and a half ago, at the Austin City Limits...
Now that I think about it, the hell with comparisons! I'll just go straight to the point' BDO's organization was pretty bad. The had this "barricades" that were totally useless, plus just one entry point (and exit) to the area in front of the stage (the mosh area). There were two stages, one next to the other, and as one band was playing, the other stage was getting ready for the next band. That doesn't sound like a bad idea, but if you were watching one band, you couldn't go to the stage next to you. You had to go out the same way you came in, a tiny passage, which if you think about it, it's a really dangerous way to control the crowd. Mr. Marshmallow and I were "in line" to get inside the mosh area to watch the Killers, and subsequently, Muse, but after being almost 50 minutes stuck without moving, under the sun, thousands of people pushing and screaming wanting to get in, (some of them getting really violent after being drinking for half of the day) we decided to get the hell away from there. 30 minutes later or more, the organizers decided to finally tell the people that there was not room left in the mosh area. Thank you dear organizers! Duuuuuuuuuude! That's one of the things that you have to be able to say in time, before people start almost killing each other.
Anyway, to make the story short, we got a good spot close to the stage, on one side, just in front of the second barricade. (It was really good, cause I could really see the show.. no big guys in front of me heheh). Anyway, Ms. Mysterious was more than happy watching MUSE. They are absolute gods. Really. What better way to start the show than with Knights of Cydonia? (yup, one of my favorite songs from their last album). They kept on going with songs like Starlight, New Born, Supermassive Black Hole, Hysteria, Map of the Problematique, Invincible... to finally wrap it up with Take a bow. Matt, Chris and Dom where superb. Period. And, yeah, I must admit that the one that really gets your attention is Matt Bellamy... That guys knows how to play. DAAAMN!

Anyway, after that we left BDO. And yeah, even though we were not really happy with the organization, acts such as My Chemical Romance, John Butler and Muse, made the day worthwhile. Anyway, Rock on, sinners. Let the music fill your lives and souls.

See you all later.