Thursday, June 07, 2007

I'm filming in the rain (8), what a glorious day, and I'm happy again (8)

The euphoria is wearing off now... Two nights ago I was part of a film crew. Nothing fancy, just a short film. But still... It was quite an experience. I started last Sunday. We would be working from 5 pm to 5 am. Could I last two days like that? Working under the rain, freezing, just trying to follow instructions, trying to learn, while I pretended I didn't suck that much? Would they kick me out of the set as soon as they realized that I had no idea what I was doing?

Well, I survived. I lasted long enough to hear the most awesome words you can hear while shooting: "It's a wrap!"

I started out as Gaffer. I had no idea how to do it properly. But nothing exploded, no one got electrocuted. So I guess I wasn't THAT bad. (I was bad, but it could have been worse). On the second day (which I ended up arriving to the apartment at 7am), I started as gaffer, but since a lot of people failed to go, I ended up being Assistant to the DP (Director of photography). The man knew what he was doing. He was really good. I wasn't. At moments I thought he would wrap a cable around my neck, and just let me hanging there, under the rain. But again, I survived.

Now I'm dying to do it again. You see, all my life I've loved watching movies. To be honest, half of my conversations are about that. The other half about music. So... what if someone could actually do what he or she loves? What if you could actually be part of something great, that will probably survive the test of time?

Music and movies, my dear sinners... For me, those are the things that define the beauty of each generation. Or the horrors. Or the fears. Music and movies can tell the truth... Of course we're talking about the real pieces of art, not just ANY movie or song. I know...there are tons of thing that can do that. Tell the story of a generation I mean. But for me. those two things are the most direct, easy way to connect with humanity. With the future, with the past.

And no, of course I'm not saying that the short film I worked in was that important. It was good. And that's fine for me now. It might be the beginning of a whole new adventure... and if it's not, I'll still have the memories of yours truly, Ms. Mysterious, standing in the rain, soaked, freezing, holding the clapper in her hands, and thinking , "damn, it can't get better than this"

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