Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Holy flying rodents! HE's coming!

Pleaaaseee!!! I swear I'll be a better person! I swear I'll eat more vegetables!...And I'll try not to watch cute guys while I hang out with my boyfriend! But PLEASE! Take this pain away. Bring BATMAN BEGINS teaser online!!
Ok for those who don't know yet....the teaser is expected to be online soon. How soon? this week. Now, THIS movie is gonna rock. No doubt about it. Has to. Or heads will roll.

Till now everything looks promising. The plot developes around a young Bruce Wayne, returning to Gotham City after years of training in the East. Obsessed with his parents murder Bruce Wayne will finally become the Batman, striking fear to criminals and bringing justice to a corrupted city. Chris Nolan (Memento), will direct it, which leads me to believe that it will be a dark, deep, juicy movie (as it should be), and the rumor has it that it will be R rated. Let's cross our fingers and hope that Warner suits don't decide to make it happy, shiny and bright and create another fiasco like BATMAN and ROBIN, just to be able to fill more movie theaters with stupid little kids that have no respect for Our Supreme Lord, Batman.

Where was I? oh yeah, as I was saying, things look great. The batmobile, even though is not as classy as the last one, looks great. Actually it looks like a tank with really big tires (you know for those cross country chases), and of course it has the "I'll kick all your criminal !#$%%@" kinda look.
In the end, I guess it is the kind of car that really pics up chics.

And then your heart starts beating faster. You tremble. You finally collapse and your mind and body is filled with bliss as you've rarely experienced before. Just when you thought thinks could not get any better, you see the REALLY COOL pics of our savior... BATMAN.

OH YEES!!! suddenly everything in your life makes sense ...

The casting is absolutely perfect. Christian Bale (American Psycho, The Empire of the Sun) as our Lord Almighty, BATMAN. Michael Caine (Alfie, The quiet american) as ALFRED, Gary Oldman (Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban, Immortal beloved), as our beloved (and at last appreciated) GORDON, Morgan Freeman (The Shawshank redemption, Deep Impact) as LUCIUS FOX, sexy Ken Watanabe (Last samurai) as RA'S AL GHUL. Cillian Murphy (28 days later) as the creepy SCARECROW. Liam Neeson. Tom Wilkinson. Rutger Hauer. Shall I continue? Are you bowing now to our Lord Our Savior, BATMAN? You should! And You will! My quest shall it be then. To identify and chase all you filthy sinners that show no reverence to HIM!
There is a GOD. HIS name is...