Thursday, July 29, 2004

If I love guys in flying rodent suits does it mean that I'm a zoophilic?

What can I say but...I was wrong. We don't have to wait any longer! the Batman teaser is here!Come want to see it...and if you already have, you'll see it again, and again and again.

Everything looks amazing. Wayne Manor and Bruce Wayne as a kid look as if they were taken directly out of the comic book. Christian Bale looks pretty convincing (and scary) as the tormented Wayne and as Batman. Michael Caine as Alfred is just perfect.You can feel the bond between the faithful butler and Bruce. I only got one complain. I really wanted to see Batman doing something. Anything. Not just a lifless image. Guess I'll have to wait 'till the trailer goes out. But hey! I'm happy! Nolan is making a great job and by looking at the teaser I believe he will take the time (at least 45 minutes of the movie, I assure you) to introduce the character, the man,  before he became the Batman.
My mind and soul and mind is ready to be filled with exquisite scenes of Batman Begins!
Please tell me I don't have to wait a WHOLE year for this!
....    .....     .....
Chocolate...that's a good way to feel happy and forget sorrows.....yeah...lots of chocolate to fill my empty spirit. Try not to think to much about the guy dressed up as flying rodent...