Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head...

I love rain. I love the way everything looks cleaner. The smell of wet soil. The people running trying not to get wet. If you look real close, most of the time they are smiling. They're having fun. But this is getting ridiculous. It's the fourth day in a row that rains! But not just like "cute raindrops fallin and making my life shiny" kind of thing. NO. It's a freakin' deluge! I can't go out of the apartment, or I'll get really really and absolutely soaked.
DAMN! I knew I had to pay attention to those voices that told me to build an ark. Wait a minute...Bow SINNERS! You have been chosen! I will take you with me and save you from this apocalipse and that way you will finally call me..Master!!!
Yeah, I know....I gotta build an ark first... small detail.
*Sigh* I really need to find something to do right now. This post was way too high in my stupidity chart.