Sunday, September 12, 2004

My name is Charming. Prince Charming.

....I can't believe I'm even gonna take my time to write this. *sigh*...ok, once again there's a new BOND. Ok, it's still a rumor, with no official confirmation from MGM/Eon sources. According to The Sunday Mirror, Dougray Scott is now on top of the list to become the seventh actor to play my perpetual love, agent 007. Yeah, Scott was the bad guy in Mission: Impossible 2, and the prince in Ever After (Cinderella, Drew Barrymore, remember?).I'm just going to ask one little tiny thing. If there's anybody out there listening...
GOD!You know who would be a great Bond? Colin Salmon. Yeah, the guy that has been M's Chief of Staff in the last four Bond movies. Wake up! he is sexy, classy, tall and british.Ok, I'll leave you now, so you can prepare your next strike against me. Yeah! give Ms. Mysterious a heart attack! Next thing I'll hear is that Ashton Kutcher will be Bond! AAARRGGGHHH!!!!! Blasphemers! Sinners! all of you!!