Monday, August 30, 2004

It's a plane! It's a bird! no! it's...JESUS!

I always thought if there's a God, HE would probably fly. Well, this guy that played Jesus is about to fly. NOT what I had in mind. According to Mark Millar, one of our beloved comic authors, (and a guy with a LOT of contacts) it seems that Jim Caviezel will be the next Man of Steel.
I 've seen the guy act...but he doesn't seem to me like the hero type of guy. I really hope this info is wrong. Supes is supposed to be cute, athletic and inspire confidence, and this guy...well...let's just say he's not my type. Anyway, whatever happens, I guess at least it's better than watching Ashton Kutcher wearing red boots...
Hope they transfor Caviezel just as they did to Tobey McGuire for Spiderman...we want ABS people! Muscles in tight suits! Make me drool! Yeah baby!

Sorry, boring monday. I swear I'll get a new hobby.